Amstrad MD-19500 HD PVR Satellite TV Receiver

Amstrad MD-19500 HD PVR Satellite TV Receiver – NXP processor and sharp with excellent speed tuner – 256 MB SDRAM – 128 MB Flash – Amstrad MD-19500 HD Linux Operating System – HDMI (high resolution video and audio) output (Full HD) – Ethernet output (Interactive) – WiFi adapter support – VFD (fluorescent) viewed through the front panel channel name, external lighting on the front panel to see made – YUV (Composite) Output- The front panel to see the Satellite TV signal and quality levels

Satellite TV Receiver

Amstrad MD-19500 HD PVR Satellite TV Receiver
– Feature in Internet Explorer with the possibility to surf the Internet (connecting to a USB mouse and keyboard)
– Youtube video programs via
– Total 10000 channels can be recorded
– When disposing of the wrong software can protect itself in flash memory
– Centralized systems work in perfect harmony
– User-friendly menu is easy and convenient design
– Multi-language interface
– Subtitle support
– Teletext support
– DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and USALS (DiSEqC 1.3) compliant
– True color OSD
– Channel information showing the EPG Electronic Program Guide
– Advanced key systems: Systems, Installation, Setup and Channel Edit locks
– Advanced PID regulation
– Channel List editing
– Best Editing
– Satellite TV / TP Edit
– 16 Pieces Menu Language option
– Easy satellite setup interface
– Different format, image sizes (4:3 and 16:9)
– Preservation of memory in a power outage
– Screen 4-9-10-12-13-16 a bölebilme (1 channel live watch)
– Easy to set up the antenna signal level indicator
– Satellite TV and channels broadcast in multiple languages are supported by the receiving
– 24 piece edit your favorite list
– Wide Satellite TV Search Function (automatic satellite search by finding all of the mains frequencies add to the list)
– With RS232 to update software and channel information
– 2 USB ports, Front and Rear Panel Inputs
– Dolby Digital audio output (coaxial)
– Multi-function using the USB interface and channel information to update the software via a USB Memory
– USB interface unit, an external USB device plugged into memory channel can be recorded. (PVR)
– External USB memory recording images (jpeg), music (mp3), movie (avi) files playback.
– USB memory tracking mode, the time shift can also watch the desired program. (Broadcast-forward and reverse)
– 1 Unit Smart Card Entry (subscription-based platforms, the original cards of the card reader slot)
– Multi-functional zoom feature
– Sleep Timer (Auto Off)
– To stop the image on the TV screen (Pause) feature

Flash: 128MB
Main Processor Speed: 320 MHz
Tuner: Sharp
LNB Input Frequency: 950MHz-2150 MHz
DiSEqC Control: DiSEq C 1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3 (USUALS) Compatible, Tons Upgrade A / B
LNB Power: 13/18 V (max
LNB Tone Switch: 22 KHz + / – 2KHz. 0.6 Vp-p + / -0.2 V
Demodulator Waveform: QPSK, 8PSK
Symbol Rate: 2.0 ~ 45 MS / s / s / SCPC, MCPC
MPEG Broadcasting System: MPEG1, MPEG-2, MP @ ML, H.264, VC1, DV, DivX and MPEG4
Video System: for the 1920 x 1080i and 1280 x 720p HD video, SD video to 720 x 480p,
720 x 480i, 720 x 576i and 720 x 576p. :
Audio Output Level: MPEG-2 Layer I and II (Music of glass), MPEG4, AAC and MPEG4 AAC-HE
(AAC +), 640 M bit / s ratios of the Dolby Digital (AC-3), up to 48 kHz LPCM, MP3. :
Audio Mode: Single channel / Dual channel / Joint stereo / Stereo
LNB Tuner Connection: F type, IEC 169-24 Non-
Connection TV-Scart: RGB, CVBS, Left, Right output
RCA Connector: AUDIO Left, Right. VIDEO output, Y, Pb, Pr output
HDMI Connection: Yes
USB Output: 2 x 2.0 output
Internet Explorer: Yes
Youtube: Yes
PIP: Yes
PVR: Yes
Time Shifting: Yes
Card Reader: Yes
Software Update from Satellite: No
Software Update from USB: Yes
From RS232 Software Update: Yes
Channel Capacity: 10,000
TP Capacity: 4000
Satellite TV Capacity: 100
My Favorite Group Capacity: 24
VFD (Fluorescent) Display: Yes

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