Arion AW-9410 Satellite TV Receiver PVR Combo

Arion AW-9410 Satellite TV Receiver PVR Combo The first twin hard disk receiver for satellite TV and DVB-T HDMI output! The Arion AW-9410 PVR HDMI provides you with a perfect combo of HDMI upscaling resolutions chipset 576p/720p/1080i by Pioneer.  The Arion receiver has 2 CI slots with the commercially available modules, such as Alpha Crypt, Cryptoworks, Viaccess, Seca, Conax work together perfectly.


Arion AW-9410
Main product features:
Tuner for DVB-S and DVB-T
Alphanumeric VFD display
HDMI output 576p, 720p and 1080i
40 timer
8000 channels for TV and Radio Programs
4 programs simultaneously record
Very fast data transfer (2 GB in less than 3 minutes!)

MPEG-2 / DVB-S / DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting) compliant
2 CI slots (Alpha Crypt, Cryptoworks, Viaccess, Seca, Conax, …)
S / PDIF – Output for Digital or Dolby AC-3 audio stream (optical)
Modulator: K21-K69
Power Switch
Channel list editing
4 favorite lists
256 color menu (PIG OSD)
Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
User-friendly menus in 12 languages, using text
Subtitle and Teletext support
Parental Control
Capacity: about 44 hours at 4 Mbps data rate to 80 GB HDD
Embedded games: Tetris, BlockOut, Sokoban
4 programs simultaneously record while browsing a fifth and a sixth in the PIP (picture in picture) mode monitor (max. 2 of 2 shots per transponder or per tuner requirement. Twin-port)
Playback speed incrementally adjustable (front and back)
Picture in Picture (PIP), Mosaic function: multi (16x) image display
Special features: calendar, calculator, zoom
2 SCART connectors and RCA A / V output
Video signals: RGB, CVBS, S-Video, YUV (over Scart)
Very fast data transfer via USB 2.0 (2 GB in less than 3 minutes!)
Length: 37 cm Width: 26.8 cm, height: 6 cm
Weight: 3.5 kg

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