Aston XENA HD Twin Fransat Satellite Receiver

Aston XENA HD Twin Fransat Satellite Receiver, open to receive the free DTT channels and a host of other programs. A high definition receiver labeled Fransat Get a free satellite: The 19 DTT channels,The 4 HD channels TNT, The 24 regional offers of France 3, Local and premium channels, digital radio stations.

Aston XENA HD Twin Fransat Satellite Receiver

Aston XENA HD Twin

A double card reader receiver and multi-satellite
Thanks to the two card readers your XENA HD Twin, you can insert, in addition to your Fransat card, a membership card to a paid satellite bouquet. XENA HD Twin is particularly compatible with the new platform MPEG 4 HD TV.

Receive channels and Radio programs available on satellite pointed to by your / your dish (s).
Advanced recording function
Record your favorite High Definition 3D on your external hard drive programs.
Check directly with the Time Shift function or record up to two programs simultaneously, and never miss your favorite shows.
New: The dual tuner
The number of available channels while recording a program is no longer limited by the 2nd tuner! You can record a program while watching the channel of your choice ..
Satellite Receiver HD 3D Ready
Experience superior image and sound quality, and dive into the heart of the action!
Enter a new dimension with the reception of satellite programs broadcast in 3D.
The graphical interface of your XENA HD Twin is fully compatible with current 3D displays.
Powerful connectivity: USB and HDMI Double Double
Increase your recording capacity by connecting an external hard drive to each USB port on your XENA HD Twin.

Exclusive Aston: with double connection HDMI input / output of your XENA HD Twin, plug an additional device to your HD TV.
A receiver Plug & Play easy to use
The installation and configuration of your XENA HD Twin are automatic.
Updating your receiver can be done very simply via one of its two USB ports.

The multi-function front panel display shows the name of the channel you’re watching and gives you all the information on the operation of your device (recording, signal level, channel HD, Dolby …).

Aston Exclusive: SMART Key is a shortcut key that allows you direct access to all relevant functions daily without interrupting the current program.

Stylish and refined
The XENA HD Twin receiver will seduce you with its elegant and simple design innovany, Also enjoy its ergonomic remote control, aesthetics particularly well.

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