Bell TV 6400 Best HD Satellite Receiver

Bell TV 6400 Best HD Satellite Receiver

, With Bell TV experience the high definition difference, with picture quality that’s up to 10 times better than regular cable. The Bell TV 6400 HD brings breathtaking images, heart-pounding sound, and widescreen picture. With high definition you don’t just watch TV, you live it on your HD TV. Plus with Canada’s best HD satellite receiver, see what’s on 9 days in advance, and access stunning 1080p HD movies On Demand. Only with Bell.

Front view:

1. SmartCard door: Your receiver’s SmartCard is located behind this door.
2. Power light: When lit, indicates that your receiver is on.
3. POWER button: Turns receiver on or off.
4. SYS INFO button: Displays the system information screen.
5. Arrow buttons: Lets you change channels and navigate on-screen menus and guides.
6. SELECT button: Selects menu items.

Rear view:

1. Satellite in: Connects to your satellite dish.
2. Audio/video output: Provides SD audio and video to your TV.
3. HD audio/video output: Provides digital audio and high definition video to your HD TV.
4. USB port: Lets you connect an external hard drive to your receiver.
5. Ethernet port: Connects to your home network to order movies or events.
6. Phone jack: Connects to your phone line to order movies or events, and to get caller ID on your TV screen.


• High definition receiver
• Stunning HD picture quality
• 16:9 widescreen format
• On-screen programming guide
• Converts to a PVR by connecting an optional external hard drive
• HDMI output to transmit digital audio and video signals to a high- definition television set.
• Actual theatre-level Dolby Digital 5.1 available if it’s programmed into the show’s soundtrack
• Seamless surfing between regular and high-definition channels
• Alphanumeric search options in on-screen programming guide
• Caller ID can be displayed on your TV if you subscribe to Call Display service
• Dimensions: 4.19 cm (H) x 31.75 (W) x 22.5 cm (D)
• Weight: 2.3 kg

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