Black Box DVR Camera Kit

Black Box DVR Camera Kit It looks like a Black Box DVR but is it! The Recluse is an all-inclusive recording device in a simple small black box. The enclosed DVR and Video camera become invisible as the plain black case blends into any background.

Inside this ordinary looking black box is actually a motion activated camera, with a recording system using a SD card for Memory, The Recluse can go anywhere and record everything without attracting any attention. Just Set the box in your desired location and begin recording.


The Recluse has a built-in CMOS camera that has a low lux rating with a 75° view and a rechargeable Li-polymer battery that will power the device for approx 6 hours of continuous recording. With its easy to operate on screen menu and functional LED indicators, operating this stealthcam is a breeze

Black Box DVR Camera Kit

Black Box DVR Camera Kit Specifications:
# Video System: NTSC
# Video Resolution: 320×240, 640×480
# Picture Resolution: 640×480 @ 1 frame per 3 seconds
# Forward Play Speeds: Normal, 2x, 4x
# Reverse Play Speeds: 2x, 4x
# Frame Rate: 30fps (real-time video)
# Recording Modes: Normal, motion detection, external camera input
# RCA Composite AV Input
# RCA Composite AV Output
# Firmware Upgradeable via SD card
# Removable/Rechargable battery

INCLUDES: One 2GB SD Memory Card

Recording Times:
# 256 MB Card = 30 minutes
# 512 MB Card = 1 Hour
# 1 GB Card = 2 Hour
# 2 GB Card = 4 Hour

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