Cause Automatic Payment Pending The Dashboard Adsense

Automatic Payment Pending Adsense

Cause Automatic Payment Pending The Dashboard Adsense

Automatic Payment Pending experienced by Google Adsense Publisher last 2 months is indeed a phenomenon that makes uneasy and troubled. Not only in Indonesia, Google’s payment Pending status, either melting or by transfer via Western Union also experienced and complained of by publisher GA (google adsense) worldwide.

As is known, usually google issuing Party pending payment issued by the 21st of each month and the next day 22 Status has turned into Paid (already paid), accompanied by nominal and MTCN code. For payments to publishers Google itself is currently providing several options such as bank transfers, checks and payments through Western Union agent. Where selection and payment via wire transfer via WU be the most preferred choice of the majority of publishers in several countries.

As Publisher, after reaching the minimum payout limit is $ 100 US dollars only awaited is cashed and went into private pockets. However, there are events that make publishers nervous, not because the account GA exposed disable or banned, but only because the status in adsense dashboard shows late payment (payment pending).

Although eventually delay payments must change its status be Paid (paid) and it only takes no more than 24 hours but in May 2016 the other, Pending payments for more than 2 days. Until now I have made this article has shown DDA 24 pending status has not changed in the dashboard adsense.

In some forums that discuss Adsense in some countries many of the ‘problem’ alias problems with pending status of this payment.. Even in the official forums that are owned by Google itself no less excited some publishers have asked not melt payments to their accounts as usual late.

Indeed, Google itself always provides a description or explanation about what happened to some of its products, it may indeed be considered as confidential technical information can not be disclosed to the public. But from some existing analysis can explain why google adsense slow in giving the status of ‘pending payment to Paid.

It might happen and it makes sense when the payment is delayed automatic status occurs is as follows:

1. Payment of google is doing a recap of the data manually by double-check, the payment to be processed and provided to the issuer must pass some reexamination like checking the name, address and the recipient’s profile if it fits or not. Once everything is checked and then the fix will be issued dashboard issued paid to the publisher.

2. Number of Publisher. Publisher GA not only numbered in the thousands but already millions of people who become publishers google. Therefore, all processes carried out during the payment data recap should really improve and the way it was intended. Rarely do we hear no publisher was wrong in accepting the payment of money, right?

3. The existence of massive delays in days or holidays. Where the holiday is already explained in the product support google there will be delays and payment is made on weekdays.

4. The existence of problematic system. Well, if the causes of this one for sure google will not tell us the cause and effect, since it involves company secrets.

5. Changes in payment rotation. It is google adsense change the payment schedule or rotation is not as it should be. In this regard many examples that occur, which in the months before the payment via Western Union but at earlier this month of May 2016 instead of the payment is made through a wire transfer has been paid out of its issued.

6. and some other reasons that publishers can only guess-nebaknya only.

How, if the publisher adsense fellow comrade has another opinion about the payment status automatically waits adda in dashboard Adsense?

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