Satellite TV Clarke-Tech HD Linux Receiver ET-9000

Satellite TV Clarke-Tech HD Linux Receiver ET-9000, The ET-9000, the German manufacturer presented a new Clarke-Tech HD Linux (open source) Twin tuner satellite receiver in a class.Following the motto – linux for all – managed Clarke-Tech satellite tv offers the benefits and opportunities to combine the Linux operating system with simple operation and stable hardware in one unit!

Linux Receiver

The Clarke-Tech ET-9000 is convincing,especially in terms of speed, compatibility, stability and multimedia capability.Thanks to the fast 400 MHz MIPS processor, the device is compatible with all Linux Plugins!

The Twin Tuner allows the satellite images and watching a different program at the same time.Another feature is the permanent shift function. The ET-9000 will automatically in the background and you can rewind at any time to stop the running program.

The picture in picture feature of course is also included. The second SAT tuner may be in contrast to many comparable Linux Twin Tuner devices with only one satellite cable to be connected – the loop cable is included with the package.

The Clarke-Tech ET-9000 satellite tv offer an installable 3.5”SATA hard drive also possible to connect an external USB hard drive in NTFS, FAT32, Linux file system. In addition to a Network (NAS, NFS), a variety of network hard drives and PC drives will be mounted.

The digital video (stream) are thus living thus no obstacles in the way of. The media player now supports the formats already MKV HD, MKV, DivX HD, DivX, FLV (YouTube format), MP3, JPG.

Another highlight is the housing construction. The device has a passive cooling system and thus comes without a fan. Pay for the device offers space for 2 Common Interface CA module, further more, are also 2x smartcard reader directly.

Technical Data:

400MHz MIPS processor
HDTV H.264 hardware
Twin tuner satellite
OSD Linux operating system
10/100 Ethernet LAN port
Graphic VFD front display 12 letters
3x USB 2.0 ports for inter alia external hard drive, keyboard, mouse, hub, DVD drive
Sata 1x internal for HDD
1x eSata external
1x HDMI output
1x YUV output
2x Common Interface slots
2 x card readers installed
Multimedia video / audio streaming over network
S / PDIF Dolby Digital AC3 output
2x Scart (RGB, CVBS or S-Video)
RS232 interface
8MB Separate boat storage (bootloader can not be damaged!)
128MB Flash / 512 MB DDR memory
DiSEqC 1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3 USALS
Media Player
Direct Download Plugin
PIP (Picture in Picture)

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