Confessions Charlie Sheen for AIDS research record

Confessions Charlie Sheen for AIDS research record

When American actor Charlie Sheen has revealed his HIV status in November, the number of internet research on AIDS and prevention of this disease reached a record, according to a study published Monday.

Charlie Sheen for AIDS

“This revelation was potentially public preventive action against AIDS the most significant ever made in the United States,” said Mark Dredze, a researcher at Johns Hopkins University.

For this study in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA), researchers have examined in detail the coverage and consultations on the search engine Google in the United States with the word “HIV” in the hours following the announcement of the actor.

On the internet, it has attracted the largest number of AIDS research ever performed on Google in the US in one day: about 2.75 million more than the trend before the disclosure. They were more than five times (+ 417%).

Searches containing the words “buy condoms” and “HIV testing” surged 540% and 214% respectively and remained high for three days, the researchers said.

In addition, 6,500 articles on the subject have been published on Google News alone.

And the number of articles, TV news and radio mention HIV rose 265% on average, and 97% also mention the name of the controversial actor, according to the archives of the Bloomberg Terminal . This while the information in the media about AIDS experiencing a historic collapse.

“For over three decades, the US Public Health authorities distribute the same messages on HIV, namely to get tested, know the symptoms and use condoms,” said John Ayers, a professor at the Public Health Faculty of the University of San Diego.

“These messages are so entrenched that when the public heard the revelation of Charlie Sheen, a great many started looking for information on the screening, symptoms and condoms,” he advanced.

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