Coolsat 8100 HD Satellite Receiver

Coolsat 8100 HD Satellite Receiver ,The Coolsat HD receiver company has been manufacturing high-end satellite receiver since 1997 and are based  in San Francisco america. In a short time, Coolsat 8100 has established itself as an industry leader. Coolsat market share for FTA satellite receivers rivals companies that have been in the fta receiver global industrial almost twice as long.

Coolsat has had a reputation for pioneering cutting edge units that customers demand. Recently Coolsat released the 8100 HD receiver which continues to push the envelop of HD stock picture quality. The Coolsat 8100 HD is Coolsat’s second receiver into the HD  receiver market. The 8100 HD has been met with great reveiws from experts and consumers and is expected to do very well.

Coolsat 8100 HD PVR

The Coolsat 8100 HD is the second high definition fta satellite receiver that Coolsat has brough to the market. Following their very successful Coolsat 8000, the Coolsat 8100 receiver has some bold new features for the fta satellite enthusiasts. The Coolsat 8100 has a USB 2.0 port where you can attach an external hard drive for PVR functionality. You can record and play your favorite shows in HD. The Coolsat 8100 can also have its software updated through USB flash drive, as well as RS-232 cable.

The Coolsat 8100 HD Satellite Receiver comes with many similiar features as the Coolsat 8000, includeing; istock Picture in Picture, Blind Search,Dolby Digital 5.1, Universal Remote, Electronic Programming Guide (EPG), and more

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