Direct TV Receiver RCA DRD450RG

With an Direct TV Receiver RCA DRD450RG you can enjoy Direct TV Programming in another location of your home without buying another satellite dish ! This RCA Direct TV Receiver has digital compression technology to provide sharper, clearer images for a sensational entertainment experience. Combine this great picture with digital audio capability and Dolby Digital Sound to experience an entertainment like never before! The Advanced Program Guide, Viewing Suggestions, Caller ID Display Capability, One-Button Record, and Two Sets of A/V Outputs make this RCA DirecTV Receiver the ultimate in convenience!

Direct TV Receiver RCA DRD450RG
* This item must be used with an RCA Satellite Dish Antenna (suggested search: DSA200RW)
* 2 sets of AV outputs lets you enjoy DIRECTV programming in more than one location
* Dolby Digital 5.1 channel optical surround sound output (for use with compatible receiver and speaker system)
* Caller ID displays phone service data onscreen (see who’s calling before you get up to answer the phone)
* 1-button record initiates recording on your VCR; Advanced Program Guide lets you review other options while watching a program

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