Donkervoort D8 GTO even more extreme as RS

The Donkervoort D8 GTO yet not extreme enough? This is the D8 GTO-R, the new top model of Lelystad.

Earlier this year, Donkervoort let slip that the three new models based on the D8 GTO is sitting in the pipeline. The D8 GTO-R is the first and the median of this trio, which later will be joined this year by the milder S GTO and GTO-R, the Donkervoort under Donkervoorts.

Just imagine how extreme the D8 GTO-R does not have to be like the Donkervoort GTO RS already labeled as ultimate D8. On the other hand it also creates confusion, because the R indeed goes a step further, also be seen from the huge cake slice which is assigned this model.

Donkervoort D8 GTO even more extreme as RS

Old times her (be) life
Clarification we unfortunately did not get over here. Anyhow the information from the polder is scant. Donkervoort speaks of a newly developed D8 features a wider body kit and a further optimized 2.5 liter 5-cylinder turbo from Audi. The D8 GTO RS this would be faster but simultaneously offer more comfort. There is also a new suspension and a brotere tread for better grip on the front axle. The braking system has been completely newly developed. The collaboration with Bosch emerged alongside a EU6 approval, besides a few other ‘lap-enhancing “features, such as launch control and a double-clutch function. Sprint figures are not known, but the fact that Donkervoort ancient times will revive already promises much good. The D8 GTO RS has returned ten years include several ring records to his name.

40 pieces
The D8 GTO-R is built in an edition of 40 copies of which there are already 21 sold at a unit price of € 151,173, “excluding local taxes Package is the Dutch price tag at € 198 613, -.. The delivery will start in the zomer.Kijk for more car news and driving impressions on Look for more car news and driving impressions on .

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