HD Receiver GrandTec Tun-5000 Airvision

HD Receiver GrandTec Tun-5000 Airvision ATSC DTV HD Receiver Tuner is the answer for customers who want to receive high definition box and Sky HD box standard-definition digital terrestrial receiver broadcasts, but who are located in a historically difficult reception area. We are also impressed that the unit can display its picture on both legacy TVs and HD ready sets.

We find the GrandTec Tun-5000 ability to decode all 18 approved ATSC digital television formats to be a benefit. You can choose from a variety of display resolutions; 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i are all selectable, so you can make optimal use of your Fios television output capacity. You can also customize your viewing experience further with options for both widescreen 16:9 and standard 4:3  television you can choose from letterbox, full-screen and zoom outputs. The versatility of the Tun-5000’s inputs and outputs make this unit great for high end home entertainment setups or simply as a powerful receiver for a basic over-the-air digital TV broadcast receiver.

GrandTec Tun-5000 Airvision HD Receiver/Tuner

This unit really stands out because of the strong reception of which it is capable right out of the box. If you live in a city or within the normal boundaries of over-the-air broadcast satellite television, you can expect crisp, solid picture clarity without any additional equipment. The unit even performed admirably when tested in Colorado mountain towns, some of which are anywhere from 25-45 miles from the origin of the over-the-air broadcast signals it received. When we added a basic external antenna that was purchased for $7 to the unit, the channels we received in the remote and classically difficult setting of a mountain town delivered picture and sound every bit as sharp as those that we received in major cities.

The on-screen programming guide is an easy-to-use interface. For those who are not accustomed to fancy over-the-air programming guides, the display (which is similar to that of any other cable or pay service) will be a welcome addition. While not all channels currently list show descriptions, most do at least transmit show names and times. The navigation is similar to standard pay service menus and brings scanning over-the-air broadcasts into the 21st Century. Parents will find the full V-chip control capability a definite asset. Any viewer will enjoy the exceptional reception that this unit delivers, which represents a marked signal boost over conventional reception tuners. It is among the more expensive tuners available, but when combined with a strong antenna the HD Receiver GrandTec Tun-5000 Airvision will perform admirably in remote locations or places where over-the-air signals encounter a lot of interference.

Excellent reception, can detect both terrestrial and HD broadcast signals, multiple display formats, on-screen guide, small size.
limited number of inputs and outputs, occasionally requires a hard reset, may require external antenna to boost signal in some areas, expensive

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