HD Receiver Satellite TV Skyway Platinum

HD Receiver Satellite TV Skyway Platinum  a breakthrough in the world of high definition satellite television. All of the most advanced technology embodied in this summit of human thought. A powerful processor, elegant design, excellent quality and technical excellence makes this receiver a market leader and the envy of fans million satellite TV.

Satellite TV

Skyway Platinum This exclusive HD Receiver Satellite TV goes far beyond a mere receiver essentially a multimedia center with the ability to record programs on any external USB and ESATA hard drives, audio, video and image files in numerous formats, data exchange with the home network of personal computers and direct access to the world the network. The presence of 2 tuner provides the opportunity to watch two channels simultaneously on one screen and to record one channel while watching another. The receiver supports both the old digital SD and the art HDTV.

Ergonomic 3 in 1 universal remote control allows you to manage the exception of the receiver , TV (Plasma or LCD panel) and a DVD player.

Receiver software, built on an open platform Linux offers tremendous opportunities for developers and enthusiasts to create a different plug-ins for use undocumented features HD Receiver Satellite TV Skyway Platinum. Much help the best programmers in Europe and Korea will make an active life of the receiver to maximize long.

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