HD Satellite TV Topfield TF7700HSCI

HD Satellite TV Topfield TF7700HSCI, High definition television a synonym for crystal-clear video and brilliant colours . Now that the industry and program satellite tv providers have finally agree don the H264 standard for transmitting their HDTV program the manufacturers of satellite receiver are also in a position to start offering new reception equipment for satellite viewers. All major manufactures are currently working on their first HDTC DVB-S2box. Some even satellite tv offers a completely finished box, like South Korean company Topfield.

Their latest development bears the name Topfield TF7700HSCI and is a CI receiver which can process both DVB-S2 QPSK and DVB-S2 8PSK signals. Since products like these only reach their full potential in combination with plasma or LCD screens which usually feature a very stylish design  Topfield has decided to give its latest baby a very elegant appearance as well. So the TF7700HSCI has the same style as the premium range with the TF5000PVR Masterpiece and TF6000PVR, which means matte black surfaces, a width of 43 cm and a look that will enhance any living room rack.

An easy-to-read VFD display is located in the middle of the front panel and either shows the selected channel or the current time (in standby mode). Five buttons are positioned below the display and allow using the receiver without the remote control. A flap hides two CI slots for all the usual modules (Irdeto, Seca, Conax, Viaccess, Cryptoworks, etc.).

An extra treat is hidden on the back panel of the box  a small switch to select whether the video signal should be transmitted via the HDMI/YUV or euro scart interface. Depending on the position of this switch, the on-screen menus are adjusted accordingly.

The remote control that comes with the receiver sits nicely in your hand and has a user-friendly layout. Unfortunately, the control codes of the remote are partly identical to other Topfield models like the TF3000CIPro which we use in our test lab to control a 36V rotating antenna system.

A very comprehensive operating manual in English was also part of our package, by the time the box will be on sale officially we can expect various language versions for all respective markets.


Topfield TF7700HSCI Software : Download

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