HDTV Receiver Technotrend TT-micro S320

HDTV Receiver Technotrend TT-micro S320 Video transmission via HDMI,In the past ,the video signal from hdtv receiver to TV used to be transmitted as an analog video or colour signal. In 2003, the specifications for HDMI  High Definition Multimedia Interface were defined,allow in fully digital transmission of video and audio data to any compatible output device.

This improved technology is increasingly being used these days, especially since HD ready  satellite television sets are able to process HDMI signals. So if a high-end DVB set-top box capable of receiving HDTV is available, the signals are sent to these TVs through HDMI using the HDTV protocol. Common Interface module which needs to be inserted in the receiver’s CI slot. By default, the receiver is pre-programmed with the transponder data of 18 satellites.

However, since the HDMI Technotrend now makes use of this technology in the low-cost sector as well.Admittedly, this satellite receiver can only receive MPEG-2 channels,which means the new high-resolution MPEG-4 signals being tested at the moment will not show up on your TV screen.

However, even the quality of regular PAL channels is improved to an extent that comes close to true HDTV.In order to achieve this, Technotrend uses a technical gadget called up scaler a system which extrapolates the existing 625 PAL lines to simulate 1080 lines.

This way, the irritating visible line structure which most of all LCD screens suffer from disappears and the image becomes clearer to watch.

I particularly like this receiver because of its future proof technology, even though it has some minor limitations which, however, will not compromise its everyday use. In addition, it is small and lightweight, does not consume much energy and can easily be used in cars or campervans as well, thanks to its 12 VDC power unit. Its very low signal threshold makes it an ideal travel companion.

Switching channels or between satellite TV and radio takes place quickly and without any switching distortions, which is proof of a state-of-the-art operating system.Software updates are available via ASTRA1 and downloads start without long delays. On-screen information about current and next events is displayed when-ever a new channel is selected and content as well as presentation are up to expectations.

It goes without saying that a full EPG Electronic Program Guide in extended mode is available, meaning you can look up events up to one week in advance and set the timer directly in EPG mode.

Teletext is integrated as well and as an added feature it stores all received pages so that any selected page shows up immediately.

A full signal search is finished in next to no time and can be limited to free-to-air, encrypted or all signals. If you intend to receive encrypted channels as well you need a smartcard of the respective content TV providers and a receiver only uses DiSEqC 1.0 and tone burst your options are limited to either a single LNB, a monoblock for two satellites or a multifeed system for four satellites. You cannot connect a rotating dish to this receiver.

Channels are stored in two lists, one including all TV channel and the other all radio channels. With an average German viewer in mind, the channels in each list are arranged the way most viewers receiving ASTRA1 channels in a German speaking country will be happy with.

The fact that channels cannot be rearranged in the overall lists might irritate some users, but this is compensated for by the availability of four favourite lists each for TV and radio channels, where you can arrange channels to your heart’s content.

HDTV Receiver Technotrend TT-micro S320 Another feature that is irritating at first, but logical at second thought is the complete lack of control buttons on the front panel, which is limited to the CI slot and a single LED to indicate the operating status.It’s a similar story on the back panel: apart from the sockets for the LNB and power cord there are only the analog and more importantly digital outputs for video and audio.

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