HDTV Satellite Topfield TF 7700 HD PVR

HDTV Satellite Topfield TF 7700 HD PVR Some times it happens really fast, so fast that it surprises even us! While we introduced to you the first single tuner HD DVR box in the last issue of TELE-satellite, this issue already gives us the opportunity to present the first twin-tuner Topfield TF 7700 HD PVR unit. This HD receiver was produced and developed by the South Korean company Topfield. Would you have expected any thing different? This manufacturer somehow always manages to implement the latest technology as well as an easy-to-use concept in their receivers.

We were quite anxious when the delivery truck showed up and dropped off a satellite tv packages from South Korea. Hidden inside the box were a receiver and a remote control that just by looking at it gave us the impression of sheer elegance and excellent quality.

On the front side of the black and silver cabinet an easy-to-read VFD display is located in the center. Below the display can be found a set of five buttons that let you operate the receiver if no remote control is at hand. Unfortunately, if no fresh batteries are available for the remote control, these buttons don’t really let you do more than turn the box on and off or adjust the volume and change the channel.

Hidden nicely behind a flap are two CI slots that Topfield integrated in the TF 7700 HD PVR. They can accept any compatible module such as Irdeto, Seca, Viaccess, Conax, Alphacrypt, etc. Direct satellite tv alongside these slots can also be found a USB 2.0 interface that can be used to link the receiver with external devices such as USB sticks, hard drives as well as digital cameras and MP3 players.

The rear panel of this new Topfield receiver is also very nicely appointed: in addition to the two IF inputs with corresponding looped-through outputs, there is also an HDMI connection, six RCA jacks for composite video, stereo audio and YUV video, an S-Video jack, two Scart connectors, an RS-232 serial interface and optical digital audio output as well as a LAN connection . All things considered, there’s really nothing missing here.

The included remote control sits very nicely in your hand with buttons that are efficiently arranged making it fun to play with this receiver. The well-written user manual comes with numerous pictures that make it easy for users to step into the world of the HDTV Satellite Topfield TF 7700 HD PVR without overloading them with several hundred pages at first glance.

Topfield TF 7700 HD PVR Software : Download

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