Humax DRT400 TiVo with DVD Recorder

Humax DRT400 TiVo with DVD Recorder, Humax DVD Recorder with TiVo service – the best satellite tv way to watch and record TV. This full-feature, 3- in-1 product is a powerful TiVo Series2 DVR, an advanced DVD player, and an easy-to-use Humax DRT400 DVD Recorder. Because Humax DVD Recorder integrate TiVo service, you’ll never have to struggle with videotape again.

Humax DRT400

Now you can search for your favorite shows and store them directly onto your hard drive. And when you’re ready to get mobile or create an archive, burning a DVD is as easy as using the TiVo satellite tv services . WishList searches find and record all programs that feature a favorite actor, director, team or topic TiVo Suggestions automatically records shows based on your preferences Smart Recording will detect line-up changes, adjust recording times automatically and even skip reruns Schedule recordings online Inputs – front S-video, composite and IEEE 1394 FireWire Outputs – 2 audio, 2 composite video and S-video Telephone jack, low-speed data port, 2 USB ports and IR blaster Quick, convenient 1-button recording Includes remote control Use of TIVO requires a service subscription – One-time service fee of $299 (good for the life of the recorder) or monthly satellite tv providers service fee of $12.95 for TiVo Plus required by Humax DRT400 TiVo with DVD Recorder

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