MidiaBox HDTV Receiver Sat HD Regional System

MidiaBox HDTV Receiver Sat HD Regional System, The Century MidiaBox HDTV receiver is compatible with the Sat HD Regional system, which allows you to receive the HD digital signal of Globo Television Network nationwide .

The Century MidiaBox HDTV captures the open channels via digital satellite ( DVB -S) and high-definition digital (DVB -S2 ) . It is also a complete multimedia entertainment center for playing movies , music and photos on your TV , and record your favorite program and pause live programming.

MidiaBox HDTV Receiver Sat HD Regional System

After the installed channels , the sign of the National Network Globe will be available on channel 01 with a “banner ” on the image request to be made ??to signal activation. For this to happen , you must enter the site
http://www.sathdregional.com/ative-seu-receptor .

Today the SAT HD Regional has 8 regional signals:

RBS TV – Porto Alegre – RS
RPC TV Paranaense – PR
Globe Gerais – MG
TV Anhanguera – GO
TV Verdes Mares – Ce
RBS Florianópolis -SC
Globe Northeast – PE
Bahia globe – BA

In the other regions , will be available to sign the National Globo HD .
The release of regional channels is a unique and exclusive discretion Globe station.

Capacity up to 2000 channels ;
Digital Signal Receiver DVB -S / DVB -S2 (HD ) ;
Intelligent Remote Control – CRI ;
syntony Automatic ( Search Blind ) ;
Multimedia : Plays audio, video and images;
PVR – Record / Play programming;
Time Shift Function ;
Allows use of external memory ( HD / USB key ) ;
2 Doors USBs ;
Update by USB and OTA ( On the air ) ;
Compatible with DiSEqC 1.0 and 1.1 ;
Low consumption .

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