New Honda S2000 Roadster Tipped For 2018 To Celebrate 70 Years Of Honda

New Honda S2000 Roadster Tipped For 2018 To Celebrate 70 Years Of Honda

Honda will have its 70th anniversary in 2018, and rumors hint that the carmaker will celebrate the date by rolling out a new version of the S2000 roadster.

Honda S2000 Roadster

The news is particularly optimistic seeing how Honda confirmed that the S660 roadster will not land in the United States and there is little chance for American buyers to see a mid-tier sports car under the Acura NSX.

The S2000 would be an appropriate way for the carmaker to show its enthusiasm for its longevity, and it would not be the first time. In 1998, the original Honda marked its 50th anniversary by unveiling the initial S2000 roadster.

Insiders familiar with the matter now say the automaker aims to bring out a new car and a new motorcycle to celebrate its 70th annyversary. The source mentions that the bike will be a road variant based on the RC213V-S and the car will be “something special.”

“Size-wise, it’ll be similar to the Mazda MX-5 Miata,” the source tipped Car and Driver.

It added that the S2000 will be more powerful than the Miata.

Those familiar with Honda’s manufacturing abilities know that the company does not feature a platform for the purported roadster. However, it should be mentioned that both the NSX sports car and the acclaimed S660 mini roadster came out without Honda having a dedicated platform for any of them.

Honda fans who hope that the new sports car will bring a hybrid variant, just like the NSX, need to wait and see what the carmaker has in store.

At this year’s Motor Show in Detroit, Honda showcased the Acura Precision Concept, which could be a lead to the upcoming anniversary model. The concept was crafted on a rear-drive platform which made use of a hybrid powertrain.

According to the report, the S2000 2018 model should weigh below 1315kg (2,900 pounds). Under its hood there will be a tuned down variant of the Civic Type R 2.0-liter turbocharged 306 hp engine.

An interesting detail is that the carmaker will use the manufacturing facilities in Ohio, where the NSX is also in the works. It seems that an R&D team from Japan is already in Columbus, Ohio, at Honda’s Performance Manufacturing Center.

Previous rumors placed the release of the new S2000 roadster in 2017, but that does not seem to fall in place with the latest information

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