Nfusion Solaris 3G Wireless Router

Nfusion Solaris 3G Wireless Router,The nFusion Solaris takes major free to air manufacturers to task when it comes to ease of use and customer satisfaction. The Solaris has an auto-update feature when connected to a router with high speed internet. The receiver can obtain an IP address from your Wireless network with a Ethernet bridge or 85Mbps power  Kit (sold seperately).

Nfusion Solaris Satellite Receiver

Picture and sound quality are truly great. Component Video Out, Dolby Digital SPDIF, Ultra Fast EPG, Themes Menu, Picture In Picture, Picture In Guide, are just a few of its amazing features. The Nfusion Solaris 3G Wireless Router is as close to plug & play that you will ever get.

Nfusion Solaris Setup

• Mpeg-2 Digital and Full DVB
• Ethernet Port For Self-Updating via Internet
• Ultra-Fast Advanced EPG
• On-Screen Display with 256-Full Color Interface
• Blind Search (Power Scan)
• Extended EPG and Program Reservation through EPG
• RGB Component Video Output
• RCA Composite Video Output
• S-Video Output
• SPDIF Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
• DiseqC Control Version 1.0, 1.2 and USALS
• Re-namable 8 Favorite Channel Groups
• Powerful Channel Control by Favorites, Loc, Skip, Move and Channel Sorting by Alphabet, Transponder
• 10 Languages (OSG and Menu): English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Turkish, Arabic, Parsi
• Tele-text Support (OSD and VBI Insertion)
• Last Channel Memory Function
• Total 6,000 Channels
• Various Games Included (Tetris, Sokoban)
• Parental Lock/Installation Lock
• Zoom-In Function
• nFusion Solaris Digital Satellite Receiver
• Universal Remote Control
• 2 x AAA Batteries
• 3Ft. Composite A/V Cable
• MoFi 3G Wireless Router
• Dreamstar 50Ft Cat5E Cable

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