PremiumX 7100CG 2 CI Satellite Receiver

PremiumX 7100CG 2 CI Satellite Receiver ,The PremiumX 7100CG digital Integrated Receiver Decoder (IRD) is Set Top Box (STB) which incorporates one tuner, two Common Interface (PCMCIA) slots and has the ability to accept a simple card reader interface or a GOLD card reader interface with a neotion providing the Full-X2 channel.

PremiumX Sat Receiver

Signal Reception The IRD follows the DVB-S standard (MP@ML).
PremiumX 7100CG The receiver is able to receive full or partial DVB compliant signals.

Sat Receiver PremiumX

The STB has two PCMCIA slots for CA modules, with the ability to handle the major types of DVB CI CA modules (Astoncrypt, Conax, Irdeto, Viaccess, Nagravision, Cryptoworks, Alphacrypt and other conditional access module systems).

Simple to navigate user interface with easily understood options and selections. Full channel, transponder and satellite manipulations (delete, move, rename, lock, skip). Operations can be carried out in multiple channels at the same time. The user has the ability to select channels numerically or alphabetically with a character entry similar to the one used by mobile phones.

PremiumX Receiver Software

PremiumX 7100CG 2 CI Satellite Receiver software and firmware is available through internet web upgrade is done through RS232 PC link. Box to Box software transfer function.Channel editor tools for PC.

Applications and features
• First Time Installation Menu (Welcome Menu)
• Electronic Program Guide(EPG) for Present/Next/Day/Week with PIG
• Automatic channel search including non-DVB channels with PIG
• Zapping banner with P/F information. Zapping by using arrows and digits.
• Quick installation procedure.
• Manual channel search
• Advanced channel search
• TV /Radio channel list
• 8 favorite list with 99 channel capacity in each list
• Channel Editor
• Simple system configuration settings
• Possible to select different audio track and subtitling tracks
• Toggle function between previous and current channel
• Time setting
• 8 events ON/OFF Timer
• Freeze
• Pre-defined TP data for well known satellites on European countries and Middle-east
• Parental control function
• Support 4:3 and 16:9 signaling via RCA video connector
• Channel fading on channel zapping
• Channel data (and system software) transfer function between Box to Box
• Update channel functionality with option for the current TP
• Automatic real time PID setting
• Automatic Home Transponder function (Nilesat, Arabsat, Hotbird
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