Redline BR 50X FTA Satellite Receiver

Redline BR 50X FTA Satellite Receiver Easy Installation and ease of use ,Add channel 6000 Satellite TV to add 64 , Add TP 1400 , DVD-quality video and audio can. Display settings (Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue, and Sharpness can adjust picture settings such as).Easy to use OSD 256 Colors OSD.  Redline BR 50X, Feature Menu Language Menu with Redline BR 50X Satellite Receiver (Turkish, English, Russian, German, French, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Arabic and Farsi) can be used.

Satellite Receiver

Redline BR 50X FTA Satellite Receiver
Common Interface slot.
Switch and Motor DiSEqC 1.0-and 1.2 you can use.
EPG Electronic Program Guide (provided by established publishers can be used).
High speed automatic channel search.
Teletext Teletext page Quick Property with 800 pcs (can be used provided by established publishers).
You can zoom closer to 2 times the screen image.
Channels with a channel list feature on your list of favorite channels (Music, Film, Sports, News, Family, Custom 1 and Custom 2) are a favorite of your own copy you can create whatever you want 7Favori Group.
Parental lock feature to prevent unwanted publications to monitor children 2 You can help protect your device settings by persons.

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