Satellite Receiver Amstrad MD-17700 HDMI

Satellite Receiver Amstrad MD-17700 HDMI, GX6107 excellent speed processor ,32 MB SDRAM,  4 Mb Flash , HDMI (High resolutions images and audio) output (HD Ready) , Ethernet output (Interactive), Wi-Fi adapter support , Amstrad MD-17700 Total 6000 channels can be recorded , Improper disposal of software that can protect itself in case of flash memory.


– Centralized systems work in perfect harmony
– User-friendly design, easy and convenient menu
– Multi-language support
– Subtitle support
– Teletext support
– DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and USALS (DiSEqC 1.3) compatible
– True color OSD
– EPG Electronic Programme Guide shows the channel information
– Enhanced locking systems: System Setup, Setup and Channel Editing locks
– Advanced PID regulation
– Channel list editing
– Favorite list editing
– SAT / TP Edit
– 10 Pcs menu language option
– Easy satellite installation interface
– Changed format image size (4:3 and 16:9)
– The protection of the memory in case of power failure
– Screen 4-9-10-12-13-16 a divide (1 channel live to follow)
– Real picture in picture feature two different channels at the same time in the same package tracking (PIP)
– Easy to set up the antenna signal level indicator
– Satellite and channels to receive the broadcast in several languages ​​supported by
– 8 Favorite List edit
– Wide Satellite Search Function (automatic search on Satellite network frequencies by finding all of the add list)
– RS232 software and channel information güncelleyebilme
– 1 x USB input Front Panel Input
– Multi-function USB memory using the software via the USB interface and channel güncelleyebilme
– USB interface attached external USB memory channels can be recorded. (PVR)
– External USB Memory registered images (JPEG), music (mp3), movies (AVI) files to play.
– When plugging a USB memory shift mode can also watch the desired program. (Broadcast forward or rewind)
– 1 x Smart Card Slot (subscription-based platforms, the reader of the original cards card slot)
– Multi-functional zoom feature
– Sleep Timer (Auto Power Off)
– Suspend the image on the TV screen (Pause) feature

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