Satellite Receiver Sonicview SV-360 Elite

Satellite Receiver Sonicview SV-360 Elite PVR boxes are becoming more and more popular every day. And with the large variety of channels available via satellite and so much to choose from, it’s easy to see why. Your favorite program could be playing on the night you have to attend a wedding. Or maybe it’s that championship boxing match you simply don’t want to miss. Thanks to PVR boxes,any channel can be digital video recorder recorded for playback at a time convenient to you.

Because of this increasing popularity, more and more manufacturers are producing PVR boxes than ever before. Sonicview has also joined this group with their new twin-tuner Sonicview SV-360 Elite PVR satellite receiver. Naturally, we wanted to see what this box was made of so when the package arrived a few days ago from Sonicview we knew that we had the opportunity to do just that.

When we opened the satellite tv package we found a sleek-looking satellite receiver that was completely black in color except for a thin chrome-colored stripe that ran horizontally through the center of the front panel. This stripe also wraps around two small buttons (on/off and menu) and a set of ring buttons (left/right/up/down arrows and OK) on the front panel as well as one of the receiver’s three USB 2.0 ports. These buttons let you completely operate the receiver should the remote control go missing. They are somewhat recessed into the front panel and because of their small size, someone with larger fingers might have some minor difficulties pushing the buttons sufficiently, especially the ring buttons. The USB port is protected from dust by a rubber flap that easily pops off to reveal the connection.

The rear panel is also very nicely equipped. Since it is a twin tuner box, you’ll find a pair of satellite IF inputs as well as a pair of looped-through IF outputs on the left side. Then, of course, there are the typical set of RCA jacks that provide video and stereo analog audio outputs. But for improved video quality, there’s an S-Video output and, better yet, another set of RCA jacks that give you component video outputs (Y, Pb and Pr). To go along with that is an optical S-PDIF digital audio output for superb audio quality. Round-ing it all out is an RS-232 serial interface, two USB 2.0 ports and a main power switch.

The power cord is hard-wired into the receiver and comes with a North American plug. The receiver’s power supply is rated at 95-250VAC, 50/60Hz and can therefore be used anywhere in the world; just make sure you have the right adapter plug and you’ll be good to go. A modulator output is not available and since this particular box is meant for the North American market, Scart connectors are also not provided.

Satellite Receiver Sonicview SV-360 Elite Unlike the receiver, the universal remote control is mostly silver in color except for a small black portion in the center. The remote sits nicely in your hand and, contrary to the buttons on the receiver, these but-tons are not recessed and can easily be pushed by fingers of any size. The ring buttons and the buttons for the numerical keypad glow in the dark so that you can easily see them if you’re watching TV without any lights on! This feature could even help you find the remote in a completely dark room. The remote can also be used to control your other electronic equipment such as your TV, DVD player or VCR. All in all, it is a very versatile remote control.


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