Satellite TV HDTV Topfield TF7720HSIR

Satellite TV HDTV Topfield TF7720HSIR in particular highlights a trend that has emerged over recent years, namely that high-quality programming is increasingly shown on pay TV channel only. A number of manufacturers have picked up on this and are now satellite tv offers HDTV receiver with integrated encryption systems in addition to the CI slots that are common these days. South Korean manufacturer Topfield has joined these ranks with its new Topfield TF7720HSIR .

The receiver comes in a stylish silver case which will blend in smoothly into almost any Dish TV rack out there. As usual with Topfield receiver, the front panel features five buttons to operate the box without remote control, as well as a four-digit segment display and three status LEDs indicating the cur-rent operating mode. A flap on the right side of the panel hides the Irdeto compatible card reader.

Next, let’s take a look at the rear panel which is nicely equipped as well with all connections needed. Apart from the HDMI socket which comes with all HDTV product, you’ll find the satellite IF in and out sockets, two scart euro connectors, six RCA jacks for composite video, stereo audio and YUV, an optical audio output and an RS-232 interface for connecting the receiver to a PC.

The remote control sits nicely in your hand and the pleasant surface texture of its buttons together with their clear labelling and pleasant pressure point make it the perfect companion to the Topfield TF7720HSIR.

During the various tests we performed we even discover that the remote works perfectly with other Topfield devices as well. For instance, the some-what outdated TF3000CIPro we use to operate our rooftop rotating antenna was only too happy to accept any commands we sent from this remote.

The manual that comes with the satellite tv receiver is clearly laid out, has appropriate illustrations at all the right places and uses easy-to-understand language to explain the receiver’s range of features so that you’ll soon be comfortable with this new box.

Topfield TF7720HSIR Software : Download


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