Skymaster XHD 280 Digital HD Satellite TV Receiver

Skymaster XHD 280 Digital HD Satellite TV Receiver , Skymaster digital receiver for high-resolution HD reception via satellite. Skymaster XHD 280 HD Features Allows the reception of encrypted and unencrypted TV channels in standard format (SD) and in high definition (HD), Certified encryption system for reception of Satellite TV programs of the HD + platform eg, RTL, SAT 1, Pro 7, Vox, Kabel 1 integrated, Environmentally friendly power switch (on the front page) to avoid stand-by power

Satellite TV Receiver

Skymaster XHD 280 Digital HD
Operating and stand-by display
Extension to the digital video recorder using an external hard drive with USB 2.0 port
Easily transfer video and music data from external storage media to the receiver via USB 2.0 interface
Pre-programmed satellites positions of Astra and Eutelsat
Electronic Program Guide (EPG) with channel name and display detailed program content
Standby Power Suitable for one cable satellite distribution according to EN50494
Multiple timer options
User friendly multilingual on-screen menu
Future-proof software upgrade via satellite (OTA)
Digital radio reception in CD quality
Competent service hotline
Dimensions: 28 x 20 x 4 cm

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