Skyway Classic II HDTV Digital Satellite Receiver

Skyway Classic II HDTV Digital Satellite Receiver – a new model in the series of digital satellite receivers Skyway HDTV. This model replaces the receiver, which has become super popular Skyway Classic.This receiver economy class , but with an impressive set of features in its capabilities closer to the masthead receiver Skyway Droid. Skyway Classic II can be considered a receiver without compromise. It has everything that needs to be a modern receiver, including a luxurious matrix display, 2 card reader and 2 x CI, scart and component output.


Skyway Classic II HDTV Digital Satellite Receiver, as the Skyway Droid, built on a new, efficient processor with enhanced multimedia capabilities. This unit supports the playback of most rasprostanennyh most video formats, including popular format MKV. The presence of a HD receiver with 2 x USB 2.0 port lets you connect unlimited amount of external storage. The presence of Ethernet port allows you to integrate the receiver into your network and share files with all devices on your network. A powerful processor allows the receiver to transfer files as fast as possible.

The receiver supports both the old digital SD and the art HDTV.

The presence in the receiver Skyway Classic II LAN port not only allows the receiver to perform a variety of settings over a network to exchange data between the receiver and computer, and connect it to the Internet. This possibility has received in the receiver further logical development. The built-in full-fledged Internet browser allows the computer without having to make surfing the World Wide Web, and built-in support for the popular service YouTube lets you watch all the videos of this service on your TV.

Skyway Classic II receiver via the USB port supports a variety of additional devices, such as a computer mouse or a USB Wi-Fi adapters that will connect the receiver to a computer network without laying network cable. Connecting the mouse makes surfing the Internet as easy as possible. List of USB compatible devices is constantly increasing.

In addition to powerful hardware and software capabilities, Skyway Classic II has a sophisticated, contemporary design that will make it your home decoration and nice visual addition to your furniture and the other of electronics.

Receiver software, built on an open platform LINUX, provides a tremendous opportunity for developers and enthusiasts to create a variety of plug-ins for use undocumented features Skyway Classic II. A solid support of the best programmers in Europe and Korea will make an active life of the receiver as long as possible.

• Powerful Multimedia Processor STi7110
• Full support for MPEG4/MPEG2 – HD / SD (H.264/MPEG4 HD)
• Powerful sovsestimost with many devices through built-in OS LINUX
• Built-in support for popular video service YouTube
• Built-in Web browser for viewing pages on the Internet
• The presence of Ethernet port
• Video and audio output HDMI (576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p)
• CVBS, RGB, Y / C video and audio output to TV SCART
• Component output
• Optical audio output (SPDIF)
• Time Shift, Record and Playback on external drives (USB2.0)
• Magnificent matrix LED on the front panel (VFD) with Cyrillic
• 2 and 2 card reader slots standard CI
• Simultaneous recording of the 1st channel and view another
• Stable operation of all functions of PVR – DVR
• Strong support for EPG and recording events
• A 2-port USB 2.0 HOST (MP3 player and JPEG viewer)
• Support for popular formats MKV
• Support for playback of Xvid and DivX
• Storing in memory of up to 10,000 channels
• Advanced Mode picture-in-picture (PIP)
• Parental Lock / System Lock / Lock for installation
• Smart blind search for SD and HD channels and multisatellite search
• The maximum simplicity and convenience of the user menu
• Favorites list of channels
• Convenient control channels through favorite lists, lock, skip, move and delete
• Sort channels by alphabet, transponder and encoding
• Support for Teletext and subtitle
• Support for Multi – LNB in DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and USALS
• Super simple software upgrade and database channels, as well as installing useful plugins (support programs) via USB and RS-232C
• Real-time, high-quality and long-term software support from the manufacturer
• Complete and qualitative localization for the CIS market

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