Skyway Nano 2 HD Receiver, HDTV, Linux, (MPEG-4)

Skyway Nano 2 HD Receiver, HDTV, Linux, (MPEG-4), 2x CI, USB-PVR, Ethernet is a joint development of Skyway RUSSIA and Korean FORTIS Inc. Skyway company has exclusive rights to distribute the product in the territory of Russia and Belarus.

HD Receiver

Skyway Nano 2 embodies the best of what has been achieved in the popular Skyway Nano and Skyway Light. From Skyway Light it is distinguished by the display on the front panel, 2-Port USB (through the company’s USB HUB, a bundled) and more RAM with 32 MB to 256 MB, which can significantly extend the multimedia receiver.

To date Skyway Nano 2 is the most versatile model in the line of digital receivers Skyway HDTV. This odnotyunerny super compact receiver with a pocket book size (width of 220 mm and a weight of 600 g) economy class on many of its features not only ustupayushy, but in the superior than their older brothers receivers Skyway Classic II and Skyway Droid.

HDTV receiver Skyway Nano 2 as Droid and Classic II, built on a new, super efficient processor with enhanced multimedia and very low heat. This unit supports playback of most rasprostanennyh most video formats, including popular format MKV. The presence of a high-speed receiver USB 2.0 port allows you to connect any external media. A port Ethernet provides the ability to integrate the receiver into your network and share files with all the devices on your network. A powerful processor allows the receiver to exchange files with maximum speed.

The receiver supports both the old digital SD and modern HDTV. Presence in the receiver Skyway Nano 2 LAN port allows you to not only perform various receiver settings for the network to exchange data between the receiver and the computer, and connect it to the Internet. This possibility has received in the receiver further logical development. The built-in full-fledged Internet browser allows you to perform without a computer surfing the World Wide Web, and native support for the popular YouTube service allows you to watch all the videos of this service on your TV.

Skyway Nano receiver 2 via USB port supports a variety of additional devices, such as mice or USB Wi-Fi adapter that will connect the receiver to the network without laying a network cable. Connecting the mouse makes surfing the Internet as easy as possible. List of compatible USB devices is constantly increasing.

In addition to powerful particular hardware and software capabilities, Skyway Nano 2 has a design that will make it your home decoration and nice visual addition to your furniture and other of electronics.
But except for the similarities with elder Skyway Nano 2 has left significant differences that make it unique in the market of satellite receivers.

The first difference – is located outside case becomes the power supply, made in the form of a standard adapter 12v, which in the case of failure can be easily purchased at any electronics store. The use of this adapter reduces the risk out of order at the receiver surges, and reduces the overall heating unit.

The second difference – this extender receiver remote. This innovation allows you to place the receiver anywhere, even in the nightstand or table at the back of the TV and at the same time without a problem to control it with the remote control.

The third follows from the second difference  the presence of a special holder complete receiver, allowing the receiver to attach to the back of the TV. Even on such a short description you can see that this little girl has a great potential, and more than affordable price puts Skyway Nano 2 out of competition among low-end receivers.

Receiver software, built on an open platform LINUX, provides tremendous opportunities for programmers and enthusiasts to create a variety of plug-ins to use undocumented features Skyway Nano 2. The solid support of the best programmers in Europe and Korea make the active life of the receiver as long as possible.

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