Takata airbags: tens of millions of possible reminders to the US

Takata airbags: tens of millions of possible reminders to the US

The number of airbags recalls defective Takata, linked to 10 deaths worldwide could rise further in the US and reach “tens of millions,” said the US Agency for traffic safety (NHTSA).

For now, the US authorities have recalled about 28 million airbags manufactured by the Japanese OEM and equipped inflators ammonium nitrate, which can explode if minor collision, sending fragments of the driver or passenger.

“All inflators ammonium nitrate will ultimately be remembered […] unless Takata no evidence that they are safe in the long term,” assured the NHTSA in a statement to the AFP.

Takata airbags

The agency therefore considers that the number of potentially affected supplemental air bags could reach “tens of millions”, the statement said.

NHTSA also released Monday the recall of nearly 180,000 Saab and Saturn cars, two brands belonging to General Motors but are no longer manufactured today, because of the risk presented by their airbags Takata.

Ten people, including nine in the United States, have so far died accidentally due to defects in airbags Takata affecting a dozen automakers.

Despite several months of investigation, the US Agency for road safety could not establish the cause of the damage but identified two risk factors that can lead to fractures of airbags: seniority and long exposure in a high humidity.

In early November, the Japanese group had received a unprecedented civil fine of $ 200 million US, 130 suspended, and is committed to take several steps to change its practices.

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