Verizon FiOS QIP 6416 HD DVR Receiver

Verizon FiOS QIP 6416 HD DVR Receiver  decodes digital standard  and high definition MPEG-2 video formats transmitted via QAM or IP. Its integrated dual tuner digital video recorder (DVR) offers watch-and-record capability.The Verizon FiOS QIP6416 supports embedded IP networking using Multimedia Over Coax Alliance (MoCA) technology.

Verizon FiOS QIP 6416 DVR

Verizon Fios TV hd dvr receiver the resulting IP connectivity enables communication with other set tops throughout the home and VoD over IP.

Verizon FiOS HD DVR

Dual 64/256 QAM tuners support standard- and
high-definition MPEG-2 formats
Integrated 160 GB hard drive for DVR functionality
Embedded IP networking over coaxial cable using
MoCA technology
Two-way IP data communication
Powerful (MIPS) RISC processor
Out-of-band data receiver
Full range of industry-standard video, audio, and
data outputs (for details, see “Specifications”)
Dolby® 5.1 digital audio
Decrypts CSA or DES
MediaCipher® access control
Macrovision® copy protection
Front-panel LED display with navigation buttons
Digital on-screen diagnostics
SmartCard interface
Switched accessory outlet

Verizon FiOS QIP 6416 DVR Settings

Superior all-digital video and sound quality for a
true home theater experience
Record many hours of SD and HD programming
Process QAM and IP video transports
Embedded IP networking supports high
bandwidth data applications
Maintain a list of recorded programs
Watch what you want, when you want!
• Watch and record select programs
• Schedule multiple recordings through the
interactive program guide (IPG)
• Watch two programs and easily switch
between them using the remote control
• Record one program while viewing another
• Watch a recorded program while recording two
other programs
May be used as a home media server to enable
viewing of recorded programs on set-tops
throughout the home via MoCA
Advanced hardware platform supports feature-rich
applications and graphics
Supports typical digital TV functionality, including
the IPG, video on demand (VoD), and
commercial-free, CD-quality music

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