VideoWeb 600S Best Internet Video HDTV Receiver

VideoWeb 600S Best Internet Video HDTV Receiver , VideoWeb The 600S is the first satellite receiver that combines the best of  TV, Internet Video and cinema. VideoWeb 600S is a powerful HDTV computer, which is updated up to date on the Internet with the latest applications and extensions.

Internet Video

VideoWeb-core functions in satellite receivers

HDTV Satellite Receiver
Everything you expect from a modern satellite TV receiver and a little more

HD +
Videoweb is prepared to receive the new HD channels.

Pause TV
The freedom of watching TV – you keep the current program or fast forward and back.

HDTV and more
All current software and hardware standards in one device.

Digital Video Recorder
Store up to 1,000 hours of your favorite shows on an external hard drive.

Automatic update
Whether list of channels, applications or operating system. Everything is updated automatically.

Fit for the Future
Many new standards are under development. VideoWeb is updated via software update.

VideoWeb-core functions in the TV 2.0 / Red Button

The Red Button (Red Button)
Interactive content on the current program by pressing the “red button”.

super teletext
The sequel to the classic video-text system.

ARD TV-Portal
The interactive program guide of the ARD.

Evening news on demand
Each time the current contributions of the evening news on demand.

Missed a show? The ZDF program last week on call.

VideoWeb-core functions in the field of Internet TV

Web TV programs
Bring lots of live programs from the Internet directly to the TV.

HD Internet video store (VOD)
VideoWeb offers a wealth of free and toll-
requiring HD content on demand.

Screen saver
Turn your TV into a large picture frame.

HD Trailer
The latest trailer for free in HD.

Bring your digital photo albums directly to the television.

FreeVOD Family & Action
Free movies and documentaries on demand.

The latest tweets from millions of people live forever.

Classica HD
Classical music and the finest operas in your living room

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