10 reasons that will make you love the iPhone 7

10 reasons that will make you love the iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 only go out in seven months and yet the rumors keep coming. Belgium-iPhone has compiled a top 10 of the wildest rumors about the new iPhone. What do you dream a little …

Here are what fuel the imagination of “iPhone addicts” of you who are eagerly awaiting the release of the new iPhone. As usual, Apple will be as silent as a tomb until the last minute before the official launch (scheduled for September 2016) its new product and does not reveal a single index. But in the meantime, nothing forbids us to dream a little.

 iPhone 7

Remove the jack

Nostalgic for the unconditional jack might be disappointed. Indeed, the new iPhone could simply withdraw its decision harbor Jack and become incompatible with most current helmets and headphones. What would make the Lightning harbor the only audio input for new generation headsets and headphones.

However, this deletion would present many advantages such as the one to make it waterproof iPhone 7 to make it end, to accept a higher-quality audio, and more. The other alternative could be a Bluetooth connection with one of the benefits will be to get rid of these cables have a tendency to tangle. Therefore good reasons to forget the good old jack.

No Home Button

There are a few months, Gene Munster – famous Apple analyst – said that the “revolution” Most of the new iPhone would be the absence of his famous “home” button. It was very difficult to imagine the disappearance of such an important and useful button, but the firm at the apple could be based now on its 3D touch technology to fill his absence. If this rumor is confirmed, the most nostalgic will certainly sorry to hear this news.

Double photo sensor

According to some analysts, the iPhone 7 could ship a dual camera sensor , but for what? This innovation could lead in particular not to go through a digital zoom, but by optical zoom posting better results. The other advantage is that both sensors give a light output much better balanced and therefore much sharper pictures and better informed in low light.

fully waterproof

More and more phones are resistant to water and this could be the case of the iPhone 7. As a reminder, the iPhone 6s was already semi-durable and Apple could do better by making his last came totally resistant ‘water. A process that could be used would be a self-healing elastomer layer placed on the ports of the new iPhone and would prevent the water from entering into the machine.

New stronger materials

It is still too early to know precisely what this new iPhone will look like, but some designers will give heart to joy. Herman Haidin – Ukrainian designer – imagine an iPhone whose frame is designed in Liquid Metal , an ultra-light metallic material and ultra-resistant (to get an idea, this is the material that is used for “paper clips” for open the SIM tray of iPhone and cellular iPad).

OLED display

Some rumors claim that the iPhone 7 will ship an OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) from Samsung. This technology is already present on the Apple Watch and significantly improves the quality of images. Unlike LCDs, the backlight comes from each pixel rather than a backlit panel. OLED displays also have the advantage of lower power consumption and display more vivid colors.

As thin as the iPod touch

As the years passed, the iPhone has continued to reduce its thickness and when we think we can do better, it is at this point that Apple surprises us yet. There are some months, the Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities analyst at argued that the successor to the iPhone 6s should have a thickness of between 6 and 6.5 mm that is to say the equivalent of iPod touch (6.1 mm). When we see the result of the iPod Touch is quite successful!

better protected processor

Rumors about the iPhone leave no detail aside, not even the technical aspects. They now speak of a processor that would be more resistant to interference. A10 processor iPhone 7 could as well be equipped with an anti-electromagnetic wave shield that interfere with devices such as pacemakers and other heart devices, or even globally between all devices with printed circuit boards. This would also increase the stability of emission sources within the unit and at the same time to bring some components together to make room for other components such as the battery.

Wireless recharging

Some rumors say that the new iPhone will need no contact or wire to recharge themselves . Good example is of course the Apple Watch and inductive charging system, but in this case there is nevertheless a contact between the device and the charger. Here, we talk about a system without any contact between the charger and the device. Apple considers this system for many years, so not on the iPhone 7 is provided as this technology seems complex. See you in September to get to the bottom!

Up to 256 GB of storage

Until now the maximum storage capacity of 128GB iPhone was, which seems little enough for mass storage lovers. To their delight, the future Apple smartphone could extend its capacity storage to 256GB , but the good news could hide another less encouraging. Indeed, some skeptics think Apple could use this as an excuse to increase the price of its new jewel, hope this is not the case!

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