11 Reasons Android better than iOS

11 Reasons Android better than iOS

11 Reasons Android better than iOS

There have been many articles comparing Android and iOS devices, after several years, as the two platforms together, but there are still Android outperformed rivals.

Android still has a year of doing much better, and devices running the platform accounted for 84.7% of the market is in QIII / 2015. In 2016, the following shows why Android will maintain its market share before iOS.

1. Equipment varies

Have an Android device for the needs of users, with a series of brand names such as Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola, LG, Huawei, ZTE … you can earn a compact smartphone, or a large-screen phone, rotating camera, full screen edge, even on the hardware keyboard like the BlackBerry priv.

Android Mobile also meets the needs of different individuals, and high-end smartphones always at baseline configuration. At the same time users to find many features not available on Apple devices, such as removable microSD memory cards or batteries. Of course, many manufacturers also dropped out of this feature, but many others keep them.

A similar story took place in the tablet market, from Pixel C to Nexus 9, to the Xiaomi tablet, Honor, or the Samsung’s Note line.

The freedom of the Android has brought huge number of devices, overshadowed both the border between phone and tablet. Compared to the iPhone and iPad system, Android devices a hundred times richer.

Of course, Apple has a lot more size choices, but it seems that the only effort. iPhone 6S and 6S Plus almost the same every feature except the screen and resolution. The same can be applied on the iPad.

2. Prices for everyone

This is accompanied by an abundance of equipment. Many products with design and different configurations spread the money directed to different customers. That’s in stark contrast to Apple’s arbitrary criteria, anyone can buy an affordable Android devices. With the current market, a rounded shoulder Android device, better undertake the functions can be found in almost every price segment.

It can be seen as true this assertion in 2016 with a series of product lines as well as Moto G prices, Honor 5X, BLU, OnePlus OnePlus X or 2, even as cheaper products Moto X Pure Edition or Nexus 5. in contrast, the iPhone and iPad is priced quite high, while only 150-300 USD, users can get an Android device for asymptotic experience with superior products, most ignore several features nail.

The price is a key advantage for the dominance of Android in the world. Besides the high-end products to compete with the iPhone and iPad, Android seems to be the only platform in the “medium range”.

3. The ability to customize

Highly customizable power has always been the strengths of Android. While Apple wants to control all the default applications to maintain the experience of hardware and software, the Android allows you the freedom to control your device. There seems to be able to change everything on an Android device, from the desktop, to the keyboard or entire ROM.

Many people believe that only advanced users a new customizable interested in this reality series iOS users have expressed interest in the iPhone can change the keyboard and the basic widget, and there is evidence see the flexibility is what everyone wants.

Some manufacturers even allow for customizable hardware. Motorola Moto Maker program, LG has replaced leather back cover, similar Xiaomi. It’s just a few examples of things that Apple would never allow.

4. Widget

Widget from Android is already a success indicator a long time, even Microsoft has seen the tremendous power of this information and develop systems for the Windows Phone Live Tiles. Widget is still big advantage of Android versus iOS, allowing you to see all the information you need without opening the application.

Apple also introduced in September last widget. However, they are still a long way to catch up with Android.

5. Multitasking

iOS has this feature, but they still lag behind a lot compared to what Android can.

Take Samsung for example, users can multi-task long ago, allows the use of multiple applications simultaneously. Many manufacturers also have to do this, even though not everyone brings experience really smooth.

Meanwhile, Apple has only been supporting the implementation of this feature in 2015. Most of the features that the tablet is limited, and when they are supported well on the phone, do not know Google will continue to bring again something with this feature.

6. Launcher

All iPhones are the same launcher, while Android users fully capable of installing its own launcher. There are piles of such applications on Google Play allows you to personalize everything, from the home screen to switch pages manipulation, effects and even gestures.

A launcher is also useful when you love certain products that are not satisfied with the default UI.

7. Custom ROM

You can change the entire software using a custom ROM if desired. This operation is almost installed a completely new operating system and many users enjoy this feature because the manufacturers have been slow to upgrade version. Or you can install the ROM to the machine running smoothly or to access the add-ons and additional tools.

This is quite a complex operation of Android and will only be useful if the user has little experience. Still, with a little careful and full instructions, the interests of the ROM is extremely valuable.

8. Interact with Google

Android devices are perfect coordination with Google services. Users are increasingly dependent on mobile to online, and Google is the king of the web page. Google Docs, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps … Google has almost all necessary services that Apple and iOS can not keep up.

Of course, many Google services already on iOS, but the possibility of combining depth of device yet to be realized. This is an important factor, because most of us use a lot of Google services, so the smoother is a very important factor. And Android has that.

9. Google Now

Google Now is an outstanding application of Google, the search engine this outstanding voice appeared on iOS, but there are many elements of Google Now is only available on Android. Now is a revolutionary feature in advancing the technology and creating unforgettable experiences for users.

It is difficult comparison Google Now and Siri rivals, but Google Now is said to be simpler and more accessible, it takes on a virtual assistant. With Marshmallow, Google Now has been providing many functions more.

10. Applications and more free games

Although this can be a double-edged sword, but obviously there are many free games and applications on Android than iOS. Sometimes a free app on Android to iOS charged.

Sadly, by concerns about privacy and copyright, the majority of iOS apps is present before. Android continues to dominate and we have seen many changes, but this is still one the biggest challenges of this platform.

11. Android catching up development of village health technology

Bugs, lag, ugly interface, lack of application – the weaknesses of Android has been resolved in accordance with the system by the development team. This platform almost completely changed since the launch and it continues to grow at high rates than the competition.

Of users and devices enables huge improvements come faster. While iOS mentality that “if not broken do not fix”, Android innovation and improvement at the higher level. Most of these features are available on the Android front, may include NFC, a fingerprint sensor, mobile payment …

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