11 ways to reduce the use of 3G / 4G on Android, saving money in the bag thread

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11 ways to reduce the use of 3G / 4G on Android, saving money in the bag thread

Although the package using 3G 4G currently known. But when you use an unlimited amount of data used to determine the provider. Or what is known as FUP Fair Usage Policy is followed instead of the users also can purchase additional packages. If you are an Android user, then you will lose money, why? Here’s how to use Android to let you save the data.

1. Open Data Saver while browsing the web through Chrome.

If you are one of those who like to surf the web with Chrome Data Open Data Saver saves up to 35%, not quite.

2. Watch the video app Opera.

Opera for Android app will be available to select the Video Compression which saves data when viewing video via Opera (Chrome does).

3. Remove any Facebook app installed instead.

The results showed that app Facebook on both Android and iOS are eating the data of the machine much more on your Android app removal Facebook is a good solution because apps are several options that can be used to play Facebook. like Facebook Lite, which consume much lower amounts of data.

4. Turn off background downloading

As with iOS, Android also has settings that can be closed off Background App Refresh or the download of data that is not currently open apps. It can be turned off in Settings> Data usage> Restrict Background Data.

5. Turn off automatic app updates.

6. Listen to music on headphones reduce Stream.

7. Play offline instead.

8. Hrwh the app with high data usage.

In Settings> Data usage can review the apps that use the data that high. If you find an app you think there is a need to use it. Download the app to disable or uninstall the app yet. Can not save data

9. Use Google Maps offline.

10. Use Google Docs Offline.

The first requires an Internet connection. Then Docs app and press the reset button of the document you want to use the offline option Kepp On Device Cache provides applications to be stored offline you.

11. Do not upload or download if necessary.

Current pictures from your smart software may be larger than 200MB per picture and upload photos at a time, it may use data at up to 40MB and even on Facebook, then do not think I would have. data use very much. If you need to upload or download, it is recommended to Wi-Fi will be best.

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