12 features of your smartphone you did not know existed

Android smartphone

12 features of your smartphone you did not know existed

If you have a smartphone is that you do not want to call or send SMS but did you know that apart from the usual practice, he was full of rarely explored features.

You can use your Android smartphone to browse the web, take pictures, listen to music and do all sorts of things. But did you know it could also serve as a WiFi hotspot or scan barcodes and even documents.

1. Check the web pages open on your PC

This requires use Chrome on your PC and on your smartphone, but it is the case of many of you and as the Google browser syncs all, it’s super easy to find on your smartphone, open tabs on your PC or tablet and vice versa. To do this, simply:

Click on Chrome menu button on the top right
Select “Recent tabs”

2. Share your connection with your PC or tablet

It is quite possible to turn your smartphone into a WiFi hotspot by sharing your 3G or 4G connection with your PC or tablet. This can be useful when you do not have WiFi or close your box is down but be careful nonetheless not to fill your data plan.

3. Scanner documents

You do not have a scanner with your PC? It does not matter because it is quite possible to scan documents with your smartphone and even convert scanned documents into PDF files. Just for that, to use the application CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator available in the Google Play Store

Once it is installed on your smartphone, you’ll be able to scan receipts, invoices, business cards and even letters. You can then share, faxing and printing.

And if it does not suit you, you can also use Text Fairy (OCR Text Scanner) specialized in character recognition.

4. Scan barcodes

With your smartphone’s camera sensor you can do almost everything and even scan barcodes. Once installed BarCode Scanner application, you simply scan the barcode of your choice and then you do a web search to find the product.

Since this application is multi-function, you can also scan QR codes that allow you to be redirected to a URL.

5. Use your smartphone as a compass

Google Maps and GPS is well and is super helpful but did you know that it was also possible to use their smartphone as a digital compass? To do this, simply use the Smart Compass application.

As you can see, it is very convenient and you will locate you anywhere thanks to sensors integrated in the phone.

6. Measure your heart rate

Since the release of the Galaxy S5, the heart rate monitors have democratized the Samsung range of high but also the most connected watches but you knew it was quite possible to measure your heart rate without this sensor. You can indeed do it through a component that you know very well: a photo sensor and an application named Runtastic Heart Rate FC.

Once the application is installed, you then simply place your finger on the image sensor and flash to take your pulse.

7. Adjust the sound settings to your liking

All smartphones do not offer great sound quality from the outset, even using good headphones or a Bluetooth speaker, having said that, most of them can play with the settings. Several manufacturers offer a sound equalizer, including Sony. To get there, it’s simple. Just go to the menu:

Settings> Device> Sounds & Notifications> Audio Settings> Sound Effects> EQ

Once in the equalizer, then you have the opportunity to choose one of the presets on offer but also to set a custom setting. You can include up bass or amplify or reduce certain frequency bands.

8. Send your SMS on your PC

Your smartphone is charging or you are simply working on your PC but you constantly receive SMS, which requires you to interrupt your current job and use your smartphone. Why not resume the conversation directly on your PC? It is quite possible through Pushbullet software and you do not even need to be ROOTE.

9. Add shortcuts to your favorite websites on your desktop

Again, this is an option that all androinautes do not know yet what it’s convenient! This is simply add shortcuts to the web sites you visit most often directly on your home screen for easier access. To do this, simply go to the website in question using Chrome then:

Click on the top right to open the menu
Select “Add to Home Screen”
If necessary, rename the website and confirm by clicking “Add” and hop is added!

10. Use your smartphone navigation buttons as a shortcut

Android offers three navigation buttons either on the screen or off-screen, depending on the manufacturer but how about adding shortcuts to the applications you use most within these navigation buttons? Just for this, use the Home2 Shortcut application distributed for free in the Google Play Store.

Once it is installed, simply set it by adding an application for each key combination as below. It is not life!

11. Install Linux on your smartphone

Incredibly, it is quite possible to install Linux on your Android smartphone without root and without risks. Simply use the Debian noroot application offered for free in the Play Store.

Once the application is installed, place your phone flat and click “OK” to calibrate the gyroscope and instructions. Loading is quite long but well worth it. Here’s what you get! Sometimes there are a few bugs, but overall it works pretty well.

12. Automate your tasks on the web

On a smartphone, we constantly doing the same thing every day, so why not automate it all with one application. There are several but by IFTT IF, it’s really the perfect tool to make life easier.

Multifunction, it will enable you to publish the same message on all your social networks simultaneously. To use it, it will still register but it takes only a few seconds. Then, you connect to the applications of your choice and you begin to create your “recipes” (your automation)

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