13 problems in the iOS 9 which drives us mad – and all the solutions

Problems in the IOS 9

13 problems in the iOS 9 which drives us mad – and all the solutions

iOS 9 is full of nice and exciting new features and improvements, but also one other thing that makes us tear our hair. How can you overcome annoyances.

1. Bugs that interferes
iOS 9 has its fair share of bugs, after all beta testing. Often it is the fault of the screen that usually pop up at every major system update, especially network-related hassles.

2. The screen stops responding / System freezes

Some users are occasionally hit by the iPhone or iPad seems to freeze completely. It does not respond when you touch the screen, whether you’re in an app or on the home screen.
Do this:
First, try pressing the on / off button once and wait 30-60 seconds. Most often crashes some systems process after a moment and automatically restarts so that you get back control. If time continues and you can not do anything at all, it will be only to force a restart.
Hold down the home and on / off buttons for about 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo.

3. Settings for mobile data applications do not work

A tricky problem some users have experienced is that it does not turn on mobile data for apps that had mobile data off when updated. It looks like it works when you turn on mobile data app, but as soon as you leave the Setup switches off again. The first thing you can try is to turn on Airplane Mode in one minute and then off again. The next step is to turn off mobile data altogether, restart your phone and then turn it back on. Does not work there either, you can reset the network settings first, and if it does not help all settings. You can also try to delete individual apps which are malfunctioning and reinstall them.

4. wifi causes trouble

Many users have reported problems with the wifi, where the unit refuses to connect completely or disconnects periodically. Here are some things you can try:

Go to Settings -> Wi-Fi and press the hassles spirit network. Select Forget this Network. Reboot and try to connect again.
Go to Settings -> General -> Reset and select Reset Network. Reboot and reconnect.
Some users have had better luck with location services for w-fi off. Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> System Services and disable W-Fi network. It does not help, you can turn it back on.
Reset all settings.

5. Bluetooth refuses to connect or disconnect

Bluetooth also seem to have similar problems as wifi, and the solutions are basically the same. 1. Turn off the Bluetooth and reboot before you activate again. 2. Forget about individual devices and connect them again. 3. Reset settings.

6. Notices sounds no longer

Many users report the news items that no longer sounds, even though they have double-checked that the sound is turned on, the volume is raised for both the ringer and apps, and that notices are actually set to allow. What you can try is to turn off notifications, reboot, and then turn them on again. Otherwise, you unfortunately have to reset all settings to overcome the problem.

7. Game Center does not work

If Game Center does not work, it seems unfortunately not be much you can do other than to reset your iPhone or iPad and start from scratch. Probably it’s something with the settings loaded from the backup sets to it. According to reports Apple is working however on an update that will fix it, so if you can stand to wait, you can just ignore the Game Center until further notice.

8. IMessage and FaceTime stops work out

We have heard several reports that iMessage and FaceTime causes trouble, and, for example, refuses to send messages or do not even see that a contact is connected to the service. The first thing you can try is to reboot the device. That does not work, try to first turn off both in Settings, then start over again, and eventually turn them back. Do not go there either, you can sign out of iCloud and back. Very last resort is to reset all settings (Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset all settings) and restart. You must, for example, log on to the wifi network back and redo the settings for notifications, and more.

9. Distorted things actually is added on purpose

Any annoyance is not about bugs and other defects in the software – some Apple has added entirely on purpose. But that does not make them less pesky. A bonus is that several things that already existed in iOS 8 now can be turned off.

10. The keyboard switches to lower case

Some places do not even notice it, others interfere immediately. In the IOS 9 changes the letters on the keyboard between uppercase and lowercase to match the shift position. Previously, they were always in capital letters, just like on the physical keyboard. If you do not like the new way you can disable it in Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Keyboard.

11. Siri proposal

Spotlight searches in the IOS 9 has become far more advanced – rather than a blank search field and nothing more, you are met by Siri proposals, a list of contacts and the apps you usually use at the current time and / or location. If it feels uncomfortable, you can go to Settings -> General -> Spotlight search and turn-by Siri proposal.

12. Shake to undo is now possible to turn off

This is not a new feature, but you can turn it off is new. Shake to undo a standard gesture used in many applications to be able to undo the last entry or selection. It may be convenient, but many users have problems that they often happen to activate the function and either undo something they did not want to undo, or get up an unnecessary dialog. Turn off via Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Shake to undo.

13. Built-in apps you can not delete

Another new setting that was previously found in Settings -> General -> Restrictions. Here you can turn off features that Safari and Buy inside the app, but now also several apps iBooks Store and Podcasts (and new news not yet available in Sweden). These then disappears from the Home screen.

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