15 Things You Can Do After Rooting Your Android


15 Things You Can Do After Rooting Your Android

All the tricks work after rooting your android and if you haven’t rooted your device till yet then go for it today with our guide How to root Marshmallow, Lollipop and older versions of Android. So after root try the below tricks.

1 How To Change IMEI Number Of Any Android

Change IMEI number of any android using the cool tweaker Xpsed Installer that will work on rooted android. With IMEI number changing you can fake your device identity.

2 How to Recover WiFi Passwords Using Android Device

When device gets connected to wifi network then the wifi password key gets stored in your device and that can only be extracted from your device if you root your device and try this tweak.

3 How To Add Floating Windows Feature In Android

The method is easy but little bit time consuming as in this you need a rooted android. As the tool that we had discussed right there only works in rooted android.

4 How To Remotely Turn Off Any Android By Sending SMS

The app that you will be installing will let you to shutdown your android by sending SMS to the android that you have configured with it.

5 How To Block Ads On Youtube In Android

Easily block the ads on Youtube official app after rooting your device and getting the cool Xposed module to block ads.

6 How to Restrict Data Usage for Specific Apps On Android

Disallow specific apps to use your internet bandwidth when you are connected to cellular data or wifi network in your android.

7 How To Backup and Restore IMEI in Rooted Android

In this tutorial a cool app that will help you to backup and restore your IMEI file in your android that can get corrupted while flashing different Custom Roms.

8 How To Install Kali Linux On Any Android

Install all the linux files on your android by downloading them and then using the complete interface for your pentesting or any other way that you like.

9 How To Install and Run Backtrack On Android

The best way to use you android for pentesting by installing backtrack on your android after rooting your android and installing the tools that will let you to do this.

10 How to Create a Recovery Flashable ZIP for Android Apps

Create a flashable zip of your favorite apps that you can use when your apps get deleted either through factory reset or while installing custom roms.

11 Make Your Android To Boot Faster After Rooting

Make your android starts quickly everytime you boot up by making booting process faster after rooting your device.

12 Run Multiple Instagram Account On Android After Rooting

With this you can easily using two or more than it accounts of your instagram profile in your single android. Also you can use another apps also like multiple whatsapp account etc.

13 How To Automatically Save Snapchat Images In Android

Easily save all your snapchat images in your android by downloading a cool app that will work on rooted android and after installing Xposed installer.

14 How To Change Working Of Hardware Buttons In Android

Configure your android buttons by remapping their functionality in your android device after rooting it.

15 How To Crack & Patch Any Android App By Lucky Patcher

Hack or Crack Any Android App Using Lucky Patcher that will work after rooting your android.

So above are 15 Things You Can Do After Rooting Your Android. Use this cool best android tweaks that you will try after rooting your android device. Hope you like my work, keep on sharing with others too.

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