15 tips to save battery on your smartphone

15 tips to save battery on your smartphone

15 tips to save battery on your smartphone

If you like me annoy you endlessly that your iPhone must be recharged before the day is over, I have some great tips here. A phone should keep an entire workday, but if I’m not in the office and use the phone more than normally keeps the battery all day.

Do not wait to recharge
You should charge your phone often. Are you expecting to charge the battery is almost empty you force the battery to work harder and life of the battery decreases. To charge the phone when it is half full power is better than waiting until it begins to scream reload.

Turn off Vibrate
The phone uses more energy to vibrate than ringing

Turn off apps not in use
All apps you’ve used on your phone whirr in the background without you knowing about it. Not only does the power, but many of them also use lots of data traffic. Turn off these apps at regular intervals, so you save battery and money.

Turn off Wi-Fi
By the writing of Wi-Fi when not using it, saving the battery of the phone.

Turn off Bluetooth
Bluetooth also requires battery capacity. Turn off bluetooth when you are not using it.

Turn off location services
Apps that use location services constantly communicating with cell towers to locate where you are at any given moment. This is stealing energy from your battery. Here you can turn on location services only when you need them, and at least remember to turn them off when the battery is running low.

Lower screen brightness
If you turn down the brightness on your screen also saves you battery for mobile phones.

Use the screen lock
Not only do you ensure your phone against pickpockets, you also ensure that it does not turn on – or God forbid, pocket rings in embarrassing situations.

Get a second battery
There are battery covers for iPhone. These make the phone bigger and more cumbersome, but once you get extended battery life. These may not be as pretty, but often practical.

Get a new battery
After two years battery life is about over. Then it may be okay to buy a new battery to the phone. If you do not have an iPhone then, on the you can always not change the battery.

Put your phone in airplane mode
By putting your phone in Airplane mode stop signaling traffic and the battery saved. But then you can always do not call, send SMS or go on the Internet, so this is a kind of last resort if you work with something on your phone.

Make sure the temperature
It’s very hot or very cold outside, you can pay to keep your phone cool / warm depending on the outside temperature.

Turn off notifications
If you have the notifications phone automatically downloads new mail and you can be notified of events at various apps like Facebook and Twitter. This stealing battery. To disable this functionality when the battery approaches depletion makes it last a little longer.

Bad signals?
Are you in an area with poor signals working phone harder to achieve signaling with mobile masts, therefore using your phone’s battery in areas with poor coverage. So what is the council really? Do not pull on the hike? Maybe not, but you’re on your trip for example. mountain so you can always turn your phone just when you need it. You have anyway good to get a break from everyday life 🙂

Speak into your phone
Conversations on the phone actually uses less energy than writing SMS messages and emails. So stick to good old-fashioned ringing.

Do you have any own advice to share with readers?

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