23 Smartphone Tricks To Impress Your Friends

11. Use aeroplane mode to speed up charging

Just like everyone else you probably want your phone to charge up as quickly as possible (even more so if you’re in a rush). Put it in aeroplane mode and it will use much less battery life and thus charge more quickly.

12. Keep your kids or friends inside one app (Android)

On Android Marshmallow, go to Settings, Security and Screen pinning – when activated, you can ‘pin’ apps from the multitasking screen, so the app can’t be left without a PIN. Handy for lending your handset to other people.

13. Use your iPhone’s LED flash for notifications (iOS)

You can have your iPhone’s LED light flash whenever a notification comes in as an extra way of alerting you to new activity: from Settings, choose General then Accessibility and then toggle LED Flash for Alerts to the on position.

14. Access Android’s hidden safe mode (Android)

Android has a hidden safe mode (like Windows) where third-party apps are disabled, which is useful for troubleshooting. On stock Android, Bring up the Power off menu with the power button then long press on it.

15. Quickly flush the RAM on your iPhone (iOS)

iOS doesn’t have a safe mode, but you can quickly clear out the memory and speed everything up again – press and hold the power button, then when you see the “slide” message, press and hold the home button.

16. Unlock the System UI tuner (Android)

Android Marshmallow includes a hidden System UI tuner for playing around with the Quick Settings pane (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc). To enable it, press and hold the cog icon at the top of Quick Settings, then find it in the Settings app.

17. Turn the keyboard into a trackpad (iOS)

If you’re running iOS 9 or above on an iPad, an iPhone 6S or an iPhone 6S, press and hold two fingers on the keyboard to turn it into a makeshift trackpad. Unfortunately the feature doesn’t work on older iPhones.

18. Go home with one button tap (Android)

Google Maps for Android offers a one-icon widget that instantly directs you to the address of your choosing – that means you can create a home screen shortcut that takes you home from anywhere with one finger tap.

19. Fall asleep to your music (iOS)

If you go into the Clock app on your iPhone you can set a countdown timer – easy enough – but you can then choose Stop Playing as the option from the When Timer Ends menu to shut off all your music after the allotted period.

20. Set your alarm to get louder and louder (Android)

Here’s a tip for the Android Clock app: delve into the menu (three vertical dots) from the main alarms page then find the option that says Gradually increase volume. It gives you that extra impetus to get out of bed.

21. Snap photos with a hardware button

Sometimes you can’t beat the feeling of a real physical button when taking your snaps – well, good news, because on Android, iOS and Windows Phone you can take photos using the volume buttons whilst in the Camera app.

22. Record screencasts on your phone (Android and iOS)

You can record phone screencasts pretty easily: either via the YouTube Gaming app on Android, or by plugging your iOS device into a Mac computer and selecting it as the recording input source in QuickTime.

23. Search for settings (Android and iOS)

If you need to get at a phone setting but you don’t know where it is, just search for it – the Settings apps on both Android and iOS have search options at the top that you can use to look for obscure options.

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