24 carat gold-plated iPhone came 6s!

24 carat gold-plated iPhone 6s

24 carat gold-plated iPhone came 6s!

Goldgenie is firm announced a 24 carat gold-plated iPhone 6s model. Custom-made iPhone is extremely remarkable.

Soft phones, luxury consumption comes from one of the most important product for loving users. Devices like you can custom design can be produced in limited numbers for a specific period. This time, however, the custom-made device is a gold-plated iPhone 6s.

Gold-plated iPhone 6s how much money?

Let’s talk about the importance of this device before the price of gold plated iPhone 6s models. Goldgenie is firm, represents a new year, we have not yet entered according to the Chinese calendar. “Year of the Monkey” is defined as a year, yet we have recently entered according to the Chinese calendar. Of course, this year does not mean anything outside of China, but is preparing the ground for the emergence of such an interesting product. The full name of the device “Year of the Monkey iPhone 6s 24k Gold Elite” in passing. back of the phone is remarkable laser embroidered monkey pattern.

Gold-plated iPhone 6s

Only 99 cars were produced this special gold-plated iPhone earlier models, we still see the like of 6s. major manufacturers worldwide, devices are able to do this kind of transaction on buying later as normal. Phone 16, 64 and 128 GB of storage capacity version of all of these special handling applied. Price is a bit astonishing. If you want to buy a gold-plated iPhone 6s, the numbers are starting from 3600 USD. According to the current exchange rate, this figure exceeds 10,000 TL.

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