4 problems Microsoft must fix to save Windows phones

Windows 10 Mobile

4 problems Microsoft must fix to save Windows phones

Windows 10 Mobile is a great mobile operating system. Perhaps the best right now. It does not help if Microsoft does not shape up.

My chief editor Mike Lindkvist freshly sawn Windows mobiles checkered interface as an ” ugly side track “. I do not agree. I think that Windows Phone is the best looking, smoothest and most intuitive mobile operating system right now. The system is optimized excellent, very well thought out in design and has a whole host of unique and smart features.

It’s not the system that is the problem, but Microsoft, which has a completely reality of facing strategy.

“If you Build It, They Will Come,” said Jim Morrison’s ghost in a dream in the film Wayne’s World 2. Let’s ignore that there is a reference to a completely different movie actually, Wayne’s World 2 is a better metaphor for what happening here. Jim Morrison believes that if only Wayne build a scene, so will all the cool bands come and play on it and Wayne’s festival will be a huge success.

It seems that Microsoft has embraced the idea when it comes to Windows Phone and now Windows 10 Mobile. Build the platform, so it goes well with everything cool to be done on it. That is apps.

And Oh yeah, Microsoft has built a great scene. But still will not Aerosmith and play. Wayne’s World is for real, and reality does not work that way.

For Windows 10 will be a success on smartphones, Microsoft must do four things, and this time yesterday:

1. Apps, apps, apps, apps

Mike is absolutely right about what is Microsoft’s biggest problem; the embarrassing lack app. Magnificent example is Youtube. Microsoft’s own YouTube app is a Web link, and mobile YouTube pages suck. There are third-party, but they are of varying quality. We see the same thing for a whole bunch of other popular services. No Windows app from the service because it is not worth having too few users, and Microsoft rolls thumbs and let the small developers make half-hearted attempts instead to secure the quality itself.

Almost no smart watches have apps for Windows Mobile, and Microsoft sells not even own the Microsoft Band in Sweden. Not to mention the routers, multiroom speaker, network cameras, toys, and smart home gadgets controlled by app. They are there if you are lucky to both iOS and Android. Windows kidding? Not a chance.

Microsoft needs to invest several million on actively make sense of this. Or do as the former CEO Steve Ballmer recently suggested, provide system support for Android apps.

2. Build more fun phones

New Lumia 950 and XL 950 are really good phones that impresses with good specs, cruel screens and cameras, and smart features. But they are also shit boring to look at and to hold, with a budget of plasticky feel. Smartphone brands live on their flagship, and will Lumia to assert itself in future, they need lyxlur with the chassis of the iPhone class.

3. Integrate more with Windows 10

This is Microsoft’s most obvious ace up his sleeve. They do Windows, and Windows 10, Windows Mobile, technically. Yet, I can connect many Android phones better for my Windows PC than a Lumia, with features such as softphone via computer, mobile screen as a window on the desktop and more.

4. Fix Continuum

Being able to dock and run the mobile phone as small desktop computer is smart and promising, but it has to work better. Now it’s tougher and less user friendly than the old Windows RT.

Do this, Microsoft, and Windows 10 Mobile has a chance. Do not do it, and stay forever behind.

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