4K Freebox Mini HDMI-CEC Operations For Android Google TV

4K Freebox mini HDMI-CEC Operations For Android Google TV

4K Freebox mini HDMI-CEC Operations For Android Google TV, The 4K Freebox mini finally supports HDMI-CEC, which is mainly used to store some of his remotes.

Settings related to HDMI-CEC are available in the specific setting application to 4K Freebox mini since its launch. But this standard control electronics (literal translation), which allows audiovisual equipment to control each other, until now ineffective, as we saw in our test.

She was recently selected, as just seen the specialist website Freenews, who attributes this development to an update of the for Android Google TV Application dated 1 May

Applied to Chromecast or a Raspberry Pi running Kodi, both free of remote control, the HDMI-CEC allows you to control playback with that of his TV. It is probably a possibility opened by the activation of HDMI-CEC on 4K Freebox mini .

But on this decoder that has a successful radio remote control, the HDMI-CEC serves primarily to manage the power voltage cascade of downstream equipment. By entering the single remote controlĀ  4K Freebox mini and turning the latter, it automatically triggers the ignition of the TV, and if any of the home cinema amplifier, and / or switches to the correct input. Ditto to extinction. We can therefore store the remote controls of these two devices, which often serve more as ignition or extinction.

To enjoy these functions, it must first ensure that all the components of the 4K Freebox mini are up to date by visiting the section Updates Google Play Store, then in the Freebox Settings application.

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