5 Things NOT to do with your Android

5 Things NOT to do with your Android

5 Things NOT to do with your Android

They can do many things with our Android, and that is the reason why many users choose it as a platform. The freedom to choose a device to customize our phone or tablet to use Android applications you want … let us do whatever we want, in a nutshell.

The problem is that among all the things we can do with our Android, there are things we should not think of doing. Actions, either by the potential risk they carry, either for the harm done by themselves, we should avoid at all costs.

For views and we have colors, but the server has decided to bring you a list of what we should do with our Android. And we want you tell us what not to do with Android, unless we the only ones who say things.

1. Rooting the phone for nothing

Use a computer as an administrator every day is a bad idea, a bad practice that many commit: ideally be stewards when we need to make changes in the system, and be “users without administrative privileges” when we make normal use of the device. So we avoid playing on sites that can break something, or that threats have an administrator access to the system opened wide by our fault.

Continuing the analogy, to root our device is how to access the administrator account on a computer. And we say that is not a good idea because you can make a mess with administrator access: access all directories, skip protection system, delete or create files unchecked … or that an attacker can access all our data.

Therefore, the root should only be temporary, or thing for users who know exactly where they are playing. Having root fact is a real security risk, why Google has started blocking options Android if we have done , and we should not do it unless we really forced. In other words, do not root if you want to do the changes are minimal, and seeks to close this access when you’ve done everything you wanted to do.

The same could be applied to open the bootloader of your device, or use tools like Xposed Framework: do not do it lightly, or do not do it unless you know exactly what you’re about to do.

2. Install applications unchecked

Applications have access to our data, all the information collected by our smart devices, which is plentiful in 2016. Contacts, bank details, fingerprints … we have a bit of everything, and in the hands of the wrong applications, these data may fall into the hands of an attacker.

Therefore, we have to monitor what applications come into our phone, trying to prevent a malicious application can sneak us advertising or try to do with our personal data. Not all applications are like that, of course, and Google itself puts measures to prevent these dangerous applications achieve their objective, but some can be cast within the walls from time to time.

To prevent us from sneaking, common sense is usually enough: no extraneous applications installed, never mind hack applications by the potential danger they pose, and avoid applications that come from unknown sources. Permits are also very important, look at very closely is critical to escape from possible dangers, we told you everything you should know in the next article.

3. Buy an Android an operator

Operators do a great business with sales of Android devices, and not just the sale itself. A operators like both Android at the expense of Apple or Microsoft, because the operating system Google is allowed to customize the factory with much more freedom. If you lock your phone so it can not be used with other operators, if meter fifty applications you can not uninstall …

For all these reasons, you must escape the Android that are customized by operators, which are usually marked on the outside with the mark of that operator. This is a rather stagnant custom in the past, is not so common to see them in the pages of the operators, but can be a headache to find that we bought one of those.

That is why, before you buy a phone with an operator, or free time, it’s good to make sure that the device you give us is a free version, a version of operator. If a version of operator, it is best to run away before it’s too late.

4. Not be done at a rate mobile data

“There is WiFi everywhere, we are in 2016”, “why should I pay for getting on the Internet when I already paid for the house”, “total free WiFi have until the Burger King” … all that is true, but there are many factors to think you’re not telling everything.

The first factor is that you are depending on all the time that there is a WiFi network to be connected, you can not go “anywhere” if you want to receive messages from WhatsApp. The second is that these open WiFi networks, more if we navigate pages or services that do not use HTTPS, can be full of such attacks to be made ​​to our data.

We let other things, but from the lack of security, and constantly rely on us to have access to enjoy the benefits of Internet is not that we really enjoy our smartphone. These devices are made ​​to be connected all day at the network of networks, not to be connected intermittently, which Simpsons depending on wind energy .

There are times when the user does not have that possibility, but if you have it, it is best not racanees and get yourself a fee for mobile data. On Android Free we have a comparison of rates that can make you life easier, but I anticipate that there are fees that we offer 1GB of data from 5 €.

5. No update when we have the opportunity

The latest version of Android is available now, but I do not like design changes that this version brings. Or are you afraid that an application no longer supported. Or that your Android starts working worse. Or you are too lazy to waste time updating to keep it the same.

Take off all these ideas of the head, because it is essential to update our devices. From fixing those little system failures that appear, to have new functions of the system, or even fix security flaws: we have to upgrade to get all this, “delay” these updates to infinity does not help us at all.

And with the same applications, it is best to enable automatic updates of Google Play to prevent us pass, disabling applications – as QuickPic – we want to never update. That way we will be safe and will have the latest features, as long as our manufacturer and developers met.

What we must never do with our Android?

We have told you five things it’s better not to do with our Android, but surely you’ve thought of a particularly when you read the headline of this article.

We want you to tell us what you thought, if your idea is on this list, and if any of our list does not convince you nothing, why not. Comments have at your disposal to do just below.

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