5 Tips easy to save energy while watching television

5 Energy Saving Tips For Watching TV

5 Tips easy to save energy while watching television

While the whole family relaxes in front of the TV, some electricity meters are running to the top. It is so easy to save energy while watching television.

A portion of the electricity consumption, which should not be underestimated, comes from private entertainment electronics. 25 per cent alone is at the expense of TV sets and PCs. Especially when the TV runs an average of 4 hours a day, this suggests with a proper budget. In return, a huge savings potential can be identified here.

In particular, the living room causes the most costs in the electricity bill in addition to the kitchen. Anyone who does without the standby function has the chance to save on the year 50 €. But not only the TV alone swallows up a lot of energy, even small things such as curtains in front of the heating swallow 20 percent The appropriate setting of the heating thermostats also constitutes a cost-reducing factor. At first you might think that these are just trifles. However, for the entire year, a tidy sum will be put together, which remains a plus in the account.

Electricity savings when purchasing the TV sets

If you want to make everything right, Compares the electricity suppliers and accesses the models of the best energy efficiency class when purchasing the TV sets. This is the topic of the EU Energy Summit, which promises a simple orientation of letters and colors when it comes to economical TV sets. To the Most sparse classes include A + and A ++ . However, only the TVs in the same class can be compared with each other, for example with regard to the screen diagonal. According to this, a smaller device with a comparatively poor energy efficiency class still consumes less than a large flat screen.

Select the appropriate screen diagonal

As the orientation, the largest television consumes the most electricity. On the basis of the screen diagonal, a lump sum can already be defined, How much electricity costs go to the TV account . At a diagonal of 80 cm, which corresponds to 32 inches, the TV consumes about 50 kW. While a 55-inch device with a screen diagonal of 140 cm comes to a generous consumption of 120 kWh per year. In any case, the screen size should always be based on the distance and the room size, so that the television should have a minimum distance of about one third of the actual screen size.

ECO mode: Customize user settings

If you do not want to buy a new device but want to save it with the existing TV, you should take a look at the settings. In the end, power consumption can also be throttled if contrast, sharpness and brightness are moved down to normal mode. Here it is worthwhile to change the manufacturer’s factory settings. Some devices even bring an Ecomodus, which can be activated simply by pressing a button.

Switch off auxiliary devices and activate sleep timer

Apart from the TV, there are often additional devices, such as game consoles, sound systems, DVD players and receivers. These should only run actively and consume electricity when they are really in use. A connector strip, on which all devices are active, costs money for the year. In case of doubt you should simply pull out the plug.

Not a few sleep like watching TV. For example, the TV will run for the entire night before it expires. It would be much more sensible to set a sleep timer. When the time is reached, the TV goes into the OFF mode.

One of the known and hidden electricity prices is the standby mode of all electrical appliances. The power consumption in this mode can even exceed that in the active state for the year. At best, the device has an OFF button. Like this option, it is recommended to use a disconnectable connector strip. This disconnects all connected devices from the power supply. It is really useful to consistently eliminate all devices when not in use. The PC in idle mode is also one of the most effective cost factors, which can be minimized.

Conclusion: TV consumption and everyday life effectively structured

In principle, it is relaxing and, in addition, makes sense to rethink and structure TV viewing throughout the day. Often, the matt discs only run by the day and eat unnecessarily a lot of electricity. Much more useful would be to spend the common TV time really valuable. This not only spares one’s own budget, but also has a positive effect on the entire family.

Last but not least the selection of the appropriate electricity provider is a major factor in the cost of the additional costs. This often results in price differences of up to 50 percent when consumers switch to a new power supplier. In decision-making, their own electricity consumption, the basic price and the running costs provide a concrete orientation. If you calculate exactly here, the first year will be a huge savings.

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