6 Tips & Tricks Camera Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

6 Tips & Tricks Camera Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

6 Tips & Tricks Camera Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

Tips and Tricks for the camera in the Galaxy S6 Edge+.
Let’s take a look at a few 6 tips and tricks for the camera in the Galaxy S6 Edge+.

If you’ve heard about the Galaxy S6 Edge+, there’s a good chance you’ve heard how great the Galaxy S6 Edge+’s camera is. While the camera is largely the same as the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge announced earlier on in the year, there are a few differences to make the camera even better. If that’s even possible. While most of us just do the point and shoot type thing to get our pictures. There are still ways, many ways, to take amazing pictures as well as video on the Galaxy S6 Edge+.

Using the Pro Mode

While the most of us don’t need to use the Pro Mode in the Galaxy S6 Edge+, it’s still a great mode to use to get the most out of the 16MP sensor on the Galaxy S6 Edge+. With the Pro mode, you are able to adjust just about everything. This includes exposure, shutter, ISO, white balance, focus and more. Now my favorite part of using the Pro mode is that all the changes take place in realtime. So that you can adjust the ISO and see what exactly it does to your picture before even snapping the picture. A very big help for those that are amateurs looking to learn.

Shoot in RAW

Shooting in RAW has become pretty popular lately on smartphones. The Galaxy S6 Edge+ can do it out of the box. Basically, what RAW is, is it takes the picture without doing any compressing, or changes to the original file. Typically when you take a picture with a camera or a smartphone, the picture goes through a image processor which makes the file size smaller, and critiques some of the colors and such. Shooting in RAW is super important to photographers. You can grab some images, then run them through Lightroom and get some amazing results. You can turn on RAW by hitting the gear icon in the corner of the Camera app and towards the bottom you can flip the switch for RAW.

Download Additional modes from Galaxy Apps

Samsung has a slew of modes available for the camera, but not all of them are in the camera app. However, luckily this is where the Galaxy Apps store comes in handy. Samsung has a ton of modes available for download. These include Sports Shot, Surround Shot, Dual Camera, Food Shot, Sound & Shot, Beauty Face, Animated GIF, and a few others. To get the most out of your camera, be sure to try out some of these modes.

YouTube Live Broadcast

If you’re a fan of Periscope, then you’re going to love YouTube Live Broadcast. Thanks to Samsung and Google’s partnerships, you can now live stream on YouTube straight from the camera app, which is pretty impressive, not to mention easy to get started. As it does not require downloading another app, like Periscope does. Unfortunately it does only stream in 720p, even though the camera can shoot in 4K. That’s likely due to the data connection that most people have when using Live Broadcast.

Removing Location Tags

Another feature that a lot of people always ask about is location on photos. Samsung does allow you to edit the location on pictures in the gallery, but you can also turn off location tags on pictures before you take them Just hit the gear icon in the corner of the camera app and scroll down to “Location Tags” and flip the switch off.

Google Photos Backup

This isn’t so much a tip for the Galaxy S6 Edge+’s camera, but it’s still important. There are lots of great pics coming out of your Galaxy S6 Edge+’s camera, why not back them up instead of using all of your limited internal storage. With Google Photos, you can back up your photos at full resolution and get all kinds of cool effects from Auto Awesome.

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