9 smart tips for running the test version of Windows 10

9 smart tips for running the test version of Windows 10

This week, Microsoft released the first test version of Windows 10 for download by the public. Have you been reckless and install it on your hard drive, you can benefit from these tips on some of the news.

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Customize the tiles on the Start menu

One of the new with the Start menu is that it now supports trays with information from different programs and apps. By right-clicking on a tile to change the size. You can also move a piece by clicking once on it and then drag it to where you want.

Starting in the Modern interface

New in Windows 10 is that you can now land directly in the desktop environment from the start. Lacking, however, you start screen with the modern interface, you can switch back to it. Right-click the taskbar and choose Properties, then click Start Menu. Check the option at the top and click OK.

Customize Start Menu

In the same place as in the previous tip, you can also customize the Start menu. Instead, click Customize to bring up a list of the things you want to be visible in the Start menu.

Settings for apps

Apps can now run in the traditional interface of Windows 10. However, you can customize how the different apps settings by clicking on the icon in the top left corner of the window that the app is running.

Task View and virtual desktops

To the right of the search icon (next to the Start button) is a button that takes you to the Task View. Task View allows you to create virtual desktops, and also get an overview of active virtual desktops. Would you rather use the keyboard, hold down the Windows-Tab.

A program – several desktops

If you look carefully you will see that some programs on the taskbar are underlined in gray. This means that the programs are active in a different virtual desktop than the one you are in the moment.

Improved Alt-Tab

The classic keyboard combination Alt-Tab to switch between open applications remain. But now it also shows all the applications running in each virtual desktop. You can also quickly create a new virtual desktop.

Share files in File manager

The file manager now has a new panel to the right that allows you to quickly share files to other applications. Pull example, an image file to your e-mail program to send it to someone.

Copy and Paste the command prompt

Command Prompt is now finally supports cut and paste using Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V. However, it is not turned on by default, so you must enable it manually. Start a command prompt (Command Prompt), right-click on the window frame and select Customize. Select the tab labeled Experimental and tick the option Enable experimental console features.

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