Alma S-2130th Full 1080p HD Satellite Receiver with MPEG-4

HUNGARY receivers Alma S-2130th, Full 1080p HD satellite receiver with MPEG-4, PVR functions, ie recording and timeshifting, media player and coaxial SPDIF audio Let us abandon. The new model is called Alma S-2130th. Alma S-2130th Full 1080p HD Satellite Receiver with MPEG-4, alma satellite receiver, alma sat receiver, alma s2300 combo receiver, hdmi satellite receiver, 1080p satellite receiver, hd antenna receiver, hd satellite dish, full hd sat receiver 1080p.

Alma S-2130th Full 1080p HD Satellite Receiver

Alma S-2130 has Conax software editable for Universal, which in turn can currently read the cards Skylink (except SkyLink HD M7 cards) and Free UPC. The receiver has already supplied with installed software to read those cards (no guarantee), are also in the receiver already station for Skylink.

After connecting the USB HDD or USB Key (not included) can record your favorite programs, the timing of your recording via EPG, or use the services Timeshift, thus stopping the image and its rotation. If you have a USB device recorded multimedia audio and video files, you can play the receiver directly to your TV. Are supported mkv, avi, mpg, mp4, ts, vob JPEG images and MP3 music.

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