Android creator plans to develop a DVR

Android creator plans to develop a DVR

One of the creators of the popular Android operating system, Andy Rubin, who in 2014 left the Google corporation and decided to start producing their own projects, intends to set up the DVR.

Andy Rubin

Earlier media disseminated information that Rubin decided to recruit a team and engage in the production of smartphones, which would perfectly fit the Android operating system, but he later refuted this information. Rubin said that at present, his team is working on a DVR. The creator of Android said that DVRs will be issued free of charge, but users will have to give consent to the free use by all video footage and testimony of built-in sensors.

While Ruby has not explained how the evidence will be used with DVRs. Despite this, some experts make their guesses about it. They note that the creators of the device can use the data to create three-dimensional maps of the area. In addition, there is the assumption that free DVRs can help Ruby to create an automated system that will assess the situation on the roads.

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