Antik Mini 2S Set-Top Box and TV App For Android

Antik Mini 2S Set-Top Box

Antik Mini 2S presents its own interactive set-top box and TV app for Android

Antik Technology Company presents an interactive set-top box Antik Mini 2S. It is full of interesting features that you can easily use and on your TV. This is a function as an archive, video library and television stations amount to which you access through the Internet.

It is thus the first such combined set-top box in Slovakia. Combination of multiple connections useful, for example, even if your internet drops out at home. If you are a subscriber services from antiquity, these interactive services will be available free of charge. Special set-top box Antik Mini 2 S can manage the devices smart home. New product is priced at 99 EUR.

In addition, Antik make their services even on Apple TV and set-top boxes with Android TV. This allows you to watch your favorite channels on your device even with one of those operating systems. As a result, you get dozens of TV channels, high quality image file, the program guide, a number of radio stations and the ability to control your remote control. How the service works you can see the video below.

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