Apple has corrected their cards in more than 2.5 million error

Apple Maps

Apple has corrected their cards in more than 2.5 million error

Updates iOS 9 has been implemented a number of improvements related to the mapping service Apple. iPhone, iPad and Mac now automatically display tips on traffic towards the most visited places. Gadgets remember the point at which the user most often, associating them with written addresses and contacts used for useful tips. In automatic tips “map” now helping public transport. To improve corporate service company took Apple four years and several million edits.

It’s no secret that the first version of Apple Maps has undergone a major criticism immediately after launch. Thousands of users have complained that due to poor coverage they could not get the first time to the destination. However, it suffered a setback when starting your own maps, Apple is actively engaged in their comprehensive development. In recent years, constantly improving tools, and these efforts are paying off.

“We are more than 2.5 million fixed bugs in Apple Maps, which specified users of our mapping service. We removed them and told it to users “, – told the vice president of Internet services Eddy Kew.

According to the survey The Boston Globe, mapping service Apple now uses 3 times more frequently than the nearest competing service for iPhone and iPad. Under mysterious “nearest competitor,” obviously meant service Google Maps, which after the initial failure of Apple Maps has become the most common choice of most users iHadzhetov.

At the same time, Google Maps continues to maintain leadership in the global market and the number of users of the service twice the audience of Apple Maps. Although, in the first place, this is because the Google Maps available to users of Android and iOS, while the audience is limited to owners of Apple Maps gadget of the Cupertino company.

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